Top Ten Double Glazing Windows Solutions

Windows solutions, when it comes to selecting the best double glazing solutions for your property can be tricky. The type of windows and doors that will suit your property the best will depend on a number of factors, including the style of them, be it sash, or casement, or tilt turn for example. Another aspect to consider is the material, be it UPVC, or timber, or aluminium, the latter available in a variety of colours. Homeowners will likely also consider the double glazing cost, and want to seek out the best double glazing deals.

While the majority of windows solutions are secure and energy efficient, and this is what matters most, it is style of double glazing windows that people tend to go for after this. UK double glazing windows by reputable manufacturers will likely come meeting the British Security Standard, making them secure and virtually burglar proof. The BFRC stands for British Fenestration Rating Council, and windows are given an energy efficiency rating known as a BFRC energy rating. A+ is the most efficient on the scale, and so you should be looking for at least a B rating. G is the lowest rating, and signifies the least energy efficient.

So, what double glazing windows solutions are the best?

This will depend on the style of your property, and the style of the windows you are replacing. It is important to install a similar style when replacing windows, or seek an expert opinion if you want to change. We have put together a list of our top ten double glazing windows, and we include double glazing solutions in terms of material, and window style.

UPVC Frames

UPVC double glazing windows solutions are low cost in comparison to other kinds such as timber. They are also the most common types of windows for modern and conventional homes, as they are not only affordable, but are lightweight, quick to install and easy to maintain. The frames are usually white, and this might not suit the aesthetic of some homes, but largely, they give a property a clean and fresh modern look. All UK double glazing companies supply UPVC windows, so be sure to check out our double glazing companies reviews, and double glazing prices.

Timber Frames

Wooden framed double glazing has an attractive appearance, and they are made from a natural, renewable and recyclable material. Timber windows are however more expensive, and in the long term they are less durable than UPVC. They may also require some ongoing maintenance during their lifetime. If you have a period property however, or the type of home that you would prefer timber windows for, be sure to check out the best double glazing deals for timber double glazing.

Aluminium Frames

Aluminium double glazing is a popular choice too, and this is largely due to the amount of colours and finishes available. Aluminium windows do tend to be more common in commercial settings, but some homeowners favour them also. To check out the double glazing cost for Aluminium windows, check out double glazing companies reviews.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are hugely popular in the majority of homes, mostly due to their ability to be fitted in all sorts of sizes. They are attached to the frame with hinges, making them practical, yet at the same time they are extremely secure. They are available in a variety of finishes, as well as being energy efficient. If you want to check Everest double glazing prices, or any other double glazing costs, you can do so through our website.

Sash Windows

Sash windows are traditional windows that involve two window sections that slide up and down. Typically used in Georgian and Victorian properties, they are a common feature of a period house or flat. Traditionally, sash windows would have been timber framed, however UPVC sash windows are now available at a fraction of the cost. When replacing sash windows, the change in material from timber is something worth considering.

Cottage Windows

Cottage style windows solutions are another type of window that is usually found in period homes, and are also known as Tudor windows. Consisting of vertical and horizontal strips, cottage windows not only look the part (be them in timber, UPVC or aluminium) but they are also an excellent design when it comes to conserving energy. Double Glazing companies are able to offer these styles of windows in many timbers, and other less expensive materials.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are a beautiful feature in mainly older homes. Victorian properties, and many more have bay windows, that make a real feature both inside and outside the home. Most double glazing companies can accommodate all shapes of bay windows.

Tilt & Turn Windows

Tilt and Turn windows open inwards, ideal for easy cleaning and maintenance. These type of windows are more expensive than the standard casement style windows, however their locking mechanism is said to be more secure. These come mostly in UPVC, however other finishes are available. Contact the best double glazing companies to find out more about double glazing prices.

Dual Turn Windows

Dual Turn windows are a modern window design that both look attractive, and perform well in terms of security and energy efficiency. Both sash components of the windows can fully turn to allow for ease of cleaning and maintenance, as well as act as an emergency exit. UPVC is the cheapest option, however other framing finishes are available. If you are looking for dual turn windows and the best double glazing deals, wee our website for more.

French Windows

While not suitable for an entire property, French windows are an excellent double glazing solution when it comes to patio doors, kitchen doors, or balcony doors. French doors in UPVC are extremely secure, and an energy efficient solution for your home. Where perhaps you currently have a window, French doors could be I installed.

Whatever you windows solutions might been to be, just fill in the form above and talk about your needs to someone that can help.