What is The Average Cost of a Conservatory

Double glazed conservatories are a wonderful way to both create extra space in your home, as well as add value to your property as a whole. There are a wide variety of double glazed conservatory styles on the market nowadays, from traditional Edwardian Conservatories, to new twists on Victorian conservatories. Ordering you own bespoke conservatory not only creates extra space and light in your home, as an extra room it can be used for many purposes; from creating a dedicated dining space, office space, relaxation room, or even a fully functioning Orangery.

Conservatory Styles

Classic conservatories come in a range of styles, and great care is always taken on helping you decide which conservatory style if best for both your needs, your property and the outside aesthetic of your home. As well as the conservatory style itself, many double glazing options here we discuss some of the popular double glazed conservatory styles available;

Edwardian Style Conservatory – Edwardian Style conservatories are square or rectangular in shape, but with an angular roof, made up of three sides. Because of the practical shape of a four sided room, the Edwardian conservatory is a popular choice.

Victorian Style Conservatory – There are many versions available of the Victorian conservatory, including; the 3-facet Victorian conservatory, 3-facet Victorian hip-back, the 5-facet Victorian conservatory, and the 5-facet Victorian hip-back. These conservatory styles all have multiple sides and angles and so tend to be more expensive.

Cheltenham Conservatory – Boxy in shape, the Cheltenham Conservatory has a flat sloping roof, on one angle only, unlike the Edwardian and Victorian Conservatory styles. This is a popular conservatory style because of it’s simple shape, and it’s ability to be built quickly makes it an affordable option.

York Conservatory – The York Conservatory is similar to the Edwardian, in that it is square or rectangle in shape, however the front roof does not slope, but stands upright.

Conservatory Finishes and Glazing Option

It is possible to choose from an extensive range of conservatory styles, as well as conservatory and glazing finishes. Choose from UPVC conservatories, alluminum or timber glazing options – selecting the tones and shades that are in keeping with the rest of the exterior of your home.

Conservatory glazing options are vast, and include;

  • Diamond lead glazing
  • Rectangular lead glazing
  • Gothic glazing
  • Marginal glazing
  • Casement windows

What is the most affordable conservatory?

When it comes to determining what the most affordable conservatory is, many factors must be considered. Rather than style, the price of the conservatory would overall consider the size, finish, features, and ultimatley the time it takes to build it. The Cheltenham conservatory, with a simple flat sloping roof, is considered one of the cheapest coservatory styles simply because it is quick structure to erect.

Here, we have put some options in order from highest price to lowest price, to give an idea of affordability.

5-faceted Victorian Conservatory, timber finish, lead casement glazing, timber Victorian cresting feature, underfloor heating.

Edwardian Conservatory, timber finish, lead casement glazing, timber Victorian cresting feature, underfloor heating.

York Conservatory, timber finish, specialist security glazing, underfloor heating, ceiling fan.

3-faceted Victorian Conservaory, UPVC finish with gothic style glazing.

Cheltenham Conservatory, Alluminum finish, Casement windows.

The most affordable conservatories, are the most simple. Smaller in size, and quick to errect, requiring the least amount of features and specialist glazing. However, bear in mind that when it comes to adding value to the property, the cheapest conservatory is not the best option and you should consider the long term advantages of adding extra features such as wall heating and underfloor heating.

Affordable Conservatory Styles – High to Low

  • Victorian Conservatory
  • Edwardian Conservatory
  • York Conservatory
  • Cheltenham Conservatory

The Cheapest Conservatory Finishes and Glazing Options

  • Timber finishes and specialist glazing are the most expensive.
  • Aluminium and UPVC are cheaper conservatory glazing options.

It is essential to bear in mind however that specialist glazing options such as self-cleaning glass, security glazing, and anti-glare glass will all push the price up on glazing options for your conservatory.

The Cheapest Types of Conservatory Windows

  • Plain casement windows are the cheapest conservatory windows.
  • Diamond lead conservatory windows cost more than plain casement.
  • Bevelled edges and coloured glass are more expensive glazing options.

Optional Extras For Your Bespoke Conservatory

As part of designing your ideal conservatory from scratch, there are many optional extras that you can choose to add on, or not, including;

  • Ceiling fans
  • Underfloor heating
  • Wall heating
  • Period features
  • Fancy door handles

Bespoke conservatories offer so many options, it is now possible to design this kind of property extension to suit your budget perfectly. Choose the parts which are affordable and important to your needs, and then extra features can be added to the conservatory at a later stage – for example specific period features on the roof, door handles, specialist conservatory roof glazing, and under floor heating. A well built conservatory will allow for upgrades to take place over the years, such as glazing replacements and flooring improvements.

The Benefits of a Conservatory

Adding a conservatory to your home has never been more affordable. As well as being able to chose a fully bespoke design to add to your property, whether it be traditional or contemporary. Finance options are also available, which makes it easy for almost anyone to add a double glazed conservatory to their home.

New double glazed conservatories offer a high level of security, as well as energy efficiency. Be it multi-point locking systems, key-locking handles, hook-bolts or window hinge-side security – security is always key. It is also possible to replace your conservatory roof, or door for example, so that you can update, change or refresh the look. Conservatories, be them Edwardian, Victorian, or other Bespoke conservatory styles, have many advantages, and make excellent long term investments on both your property, and your own quality of life.

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