UPVC Windows Overview:
  • Most affordable and popular double glazed windows in the UK
  • Low maintenance
  • Extended life of up to two decades
  • Easily available from UK window suppliers
  • Energy efficient
  • Clean and high quality appearance
  • Easily customisable

To get a quote on your uPVC double glazed windows, fill out the form above to be contacted by reputable window companies in the UK.

An In-Depth Overview of uPVC Double Glazed Windows

uPVC double glazed window frames support two panes of glass with an entrapped pocket of air or gas in between them. They are the most popular choice for UK homeowners for a number of reasons.

To start, the material they are made of is both durable and affordable. With frames constructed from plastic, the maintenance level of these windows is also conveniently quite low.

Their popularity stems from the fact that uPVC windows are both a low cost double glazing best deals and a highly efficient choice for saving money on energy bills.

With uPVC windows, you will benefit from the following:
  • Increased savings on annual energy bills (up to £175/year)
  • Decreased noise pollution in your home
  • A warmer, more comfortable home
  • Heightened security from burglars and intruders

A number of different window options are available with uPVC frames. Your choice will depend on the style of your home, your desired window fashion and function, and your budget.

Keep reading to learn the different window options uPVC frames offer.

Casement Windows

uPVC casement windows are a popular option among homeowners. In fact, you will see this classic style of window on more homes in the UK than any other type. The reason is their cost to quality comparison, which comes out strongly in favour of the buyer.

Compared to other types of windows, uPVC casement typically offers a higher quality and more efficient option. To determine whether you are choosing the best windows, always look for the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) window-rating guide to find out the efficiency level.

The BFRC will offer ratings from A++ to E. Any window with an A or above will provide the most efficiency, and thus, the most savings.

After filling out our quote form, ask each window company about their BFRC ratings. They will be able to tell you exactly which casement windows will offer you the best value for your money.

Our Top Pick For uPVC Casement Windows:
  • Anglian PVCU Casement (A+ Rating)
Runner Up:
  • A and B Glass Casement (A+ Rating)
Third Pick:
  • Zenith Ectotherm Casement (A Rating)

Sash Windows

You have likely seen wooden sash windows on many homes throughout the UK. Buyers seeking a more graceful, traditional look often opt for this style.

However, with the widespread introduction of uPVC, most wooden sash windows are progressively being replaced by uPVC sash windows. Their lifespan is much longer than windows with wooden frames, and homeowners greatly appreciate their lack of maintenance needs.

That being said, the appeal of traditional wooden frames has not gone away. Fortunately, uPVC sash frames can be easily customised to give the appearance of real wood, so homeowners fearful of losing their style need not worry.

On top of that, uPVC sash windows can be built or supplied in a number of different styles, with bars and dividers making up nearly any pattern you would want.

The best way to find the most energy efficient sash windows for your home is to fill out our quote form. Ask the UK’s most reputable window companies which products are rated with an A to an A++ for efficiency. You can then narrow down your search using those factors.

Our Top Pick For uPVC Sash Windows:
  • Quick slide Sash Window A+ (A+ Rating)
Runner Up:
  • Safe slide Sliding Sash Window (A Rating)
Third Pick:
  • Anglian Classic Sash Sliding Window (A Rating with optional upgrade to A+)

Bay Windows

Another excellent uPVC option are bay windows, which offer sweeping views outside and an abundance of sunlight into your home.

Bay windows are traditionally slightly rounded, with one window in the middle and two on the sides. Of course, depending on your particular bay opening, you can have any number windows to fit. You also have the option to create a rounded affect with your windows, or to go with a more boxed look with clean corners.

A wonderful advantage of bay windows is the appearance of added indoor space they provide. Since they expand outwards, many homeowners are able to create visually larger dining rooms or even comfortable window-side seating under the sunlight.

Bay windows can be formed with any type of window frame and style you prefer. Simply choose your ideal window, and have them fit to your bay opening.

uPVC Windows with a Wood Effect

While some window suppliers do sell cheap uPVC windows that simply look like plastic, rest assured, that is not your only option.

If you want the affordability, durability, and efficiency of uPVC windows, but without bringing down the overall appearance of your home, opt for wood grain or wood effect uPVC windows.

With these, you will get the classic wooden-window look, but you will not have to sacrifice on the low maintenance and upkeep costs that uPVC affords. This option really is the best of both worlds.

Our Top Pick For uPVC Companies Who Offer Windows with a Wood Effect:
  • Anglian
Runner Up:
  • Everest
Third Pick:
  • Master frame

Other uPVC Window Styles and Colours

Fortunately, for homeowners, uPVC windows can be customised in a number of different ways. Whether you want a wood grain effect, a unique colour to match your home, or a plain white frame, you should not have a problem finding a window company that can accommodate you.

Since uPVC windows are relatively quick and easy to paint, adding your own touch to them will not be too pricey. Expect your overall bill to increase, but not by much.

The best way to see exactly how much your customised uPVC windows will cost is by submitting a quote form. Reputable companies will contact you with the exact information you are looking for.

A majority of homeowners who purchase uPVC windows opt for wooden or neutral colours like grey. Some choose to leave the frames white, while others customise the outside and leave the inside as-is. The choice is yours, and depending on how much money you are willing to spend, you can create the exact appearance you desire.

Important uPVC Window Information

Get the Right Fit: If you are having uPVC windows installed, it is vital that you order them from a company who will size the windows specifically for your home.

Measuring your window frames and simply buying the closest fit will leave you with a poor seal. This can cause unstable windows during storms or windy conditions, along with noticeable drafts throughout your home.

To prevent these issues, always choose a company who will measure and construct windows fitted specifically to your home.

Choose the Right Window Type: While uPVC is typically the cheapest type of double glazed window, make sure you choose the right style and material for you and your home.

If your goal is to increase your home’s value, it might be worthwhile to consider installing wooden frame windows, as many homebuyers find them aesthetically appealing – even more so than uPVC windows with a wood effect.

On the other hand, if you are looking for the most durable and stable windows on the market, aluminium frames can withstand much more than any other type. Your overall maintenance with this type of window would be virtually non-existent.

Know your budget and consider all options. If making a larger investment upfront will give you a much greater return later on, it might be worth it.

Make Sure Your Windows Come With a Warranty: Modern windows supplied and installed by reputable UK window companies should provide a very generous span of use. With uPVC, you can expect about a 20-year lifetime.

That being said, damage can still occur, and it is important to have a warranty on your windows.

One of the predominant factors to consider when choosing a window company is the warranty they provide. Some companies will repair or replace damaged windows under a 10-year warranty, while others vary above or below that time span.

After investing a significant amount of money into your windows, make sure they are protected; it may come in handy down the road.

Know the Benefits: There are a number of benefits to purchasing uPVC windows, and each one may or may not apply to you depending on your home and window preferences.

Keep in mind, uPVC is extremely resistant to weather and normal wear and tear. They are the cheapest option for a very durable window.

They offer significantly increased insulation to your home at a relatively low price, and will save you money on energy bills throughout their entire lifetime. They will also provide added noise insulation and increased security.

Of course, as mentioned earlier, they are also highly and easily customisable. For a lower cost than wooden frames, you can purchase uPVC windows with a wood effect to give your home a traditional, classic look.

Know the Drawbacks: As with any purchase, there are several drawbacks to choosing uPVC double glazed windows, too. Again, only some or even none of these will apply to you, depending on your own preferences.

Some buyers choose not to purchase uPVC due to their appearance. While you can paint them nearly any colour you would like, they initially come as a white frame, which can be off-putting. After being painted, like anything, the colours can fade, which means that occasional upkeep, like thoroughly cleaning the frames, is required.

On top of the visual upkeep, uPVC windows are not as eco-friendly as some other options. Both their materials and construction process are unnatural. Many UK residents are highly aware of their environmental impact, so this may be off-putting for some.

In addition, while uPVC double-glazed windows are certainly a step up from single glazed windows, the benefit they afford your home is certainly less than the value wooden or aluminium windows offer.

If your home is of a classic style, in a conservative neighbourhood, adding white uPVC windows might actually hurt your home’s value more than help it. Be sure to consider your home’s situation. If spending extra money on wooden or aluminium frames means significantly increasing the value that might be a better route to take.

Lastly, know whether uPVC can be installed in your home. If you live in a listed building, you might not have the right to change your original, single glazed windows. Always check before you buy.

If you want to learn about the pros and cons of uPVC windows for your specific home, fill out our quote form to have professional, friendly UK window companies contact you about double-glazing.

uPVC Window Cost Vs. Wooden & Aluminium

Consider the graph below to get a general idea of how much double-glazing will cost for your home. Of course, the exact cost will vary from home to home depending on a number of factors. This graph will give you a general idea of what to prepare for, though.

Which Double Glazing Window Company Should I Choose?

We cannot decide which UK Window Company is best for you, but we can help you make the right choice for your home.

The absolute easiest way to decide on a double glazing company is by filling out a quote form. It only takes a couple minutes and will allow professional UK window companies to contact you with the specific information you desire. Filling out the quote form will allow you to weed through all the unnecessary information you might find online and get exactly what you want.

Some of the top UK window companies who offer uPVC windows are:
  • Anglian
  • Everest
  • Zenith

Fill out a quote form to learn about how these companies and more can help install your double glazed windows.

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