Triple Glazing Guide

What’s The Difference Between Single, Double, And Triple Glazing?

A quick window anatomy lesson:

With regular, single glazed windows, only one pane of glass separates the inside of your home from the outdoors. Single panes of glass aren’t very insulative, sturdy, or thick.

They allow:
  • Heat to easily escape your home
  • The potential for intruders to make a quick entrance
  • Outside noise pollution to permeate your indoor space

Double glazed windows offer a solution to each of those problems.

With double glazed windows, two panes of glass separate your indoor and outdoor space. On top of that, a thin layer of air or gas stays trapped between those two panes, insulating your home even further from heat escape, intrusions, and noise pollution.

What About Triple Glazing?

Triple glazed windows offer the same benefit as double glazed windows, but to a further extent. This type of window contains a total of 3 panes and 2 layers of air or gas.

In northern countries with extreme winters, triple glazing tends to be the usual choice for homeowners; they generally don’t think twice about adding the extra level of insulation.

However, in the UK, many homeowners might also find benefit with triple glazing, especially right in the middle of winter when poor insulation causes discomfort and high energy bills.

Triple Glazing Cost

Naturally, with the added benefits of triple glazing come higher costs.

To find out how much triple glazing for your home will cost, fill out our quote form above. You’ll receive price estimates specific to your home from highly reputable UK window companies.

Cost Guide:

While prices for double and triple glazed windows vary greatly depending on a number of factors, we can make a rough comparison on costs for both types of window.

A double glazed uPVC window, which tends to be the cheapest and most popular style in the UK, can cost an average of £340 to £360, and a triple glazed uPVC window might cost closer to £490 to £500.

As you can see, triple glazed windows can cost anywhere from £140 to £160 more than the same style and size double glazed window.

Of course, these costs can change depending on size of home, size and style of window, type of home, materials used, etc. There are many variable factors, so again, using the quote form above to specify your needs will help you determine overall costs.

Again, these prices are an average estimate for the windows themselves, but they can show you about how much to expect your windows to cost before getting an actual quote.

Double And Triple Glazing Cost Comparison

If you’re not sure whether to go with double or triple glazing, the following price comparison may be of help.

Keep in mind: Triple glazing can add more benefit to your home, but if the overall cost of windows and installation is not made up for by the amount of money and comfort you save over time, double glazing could be a better option for you.

The prices compared on the graph below show average estimates for 2 styles of windows in both double and triple glazed models. These prices are shown to reflect the average style house, so remember that your overall cost will likely vary by some degree.

How Much Money Will Triple Glazing Save Me?

Now that you know a general comparison of costs for both types of window, the next question to ask is how much triple glazing will save you over time. You need to know whether your investment will be worth it in the long run.

When comparing single glazing to triple glazing, the cost of windows is well worth the overall savings on energy bills. In fact, you could save up to £175 per year by replacing your old windows with new triple glazed windows.

The comparison between single and triple glazed windows shows the savings are significant over a year’s time.

However, the annual energy savings for an average home with double glazed windows is also £175, meaning the jump from double to triple glazing doesn’t actually see that much of a difference in savings in our climate.

Energy Efficiency Rating For Triple Glazing

When shopping for windows, look for the BFRC, or British Fenestration Rating Council, sticker displayed on the products. The BFRC is an authority in the UK that manages ratings for both doors and windows. BFRC stickers will show the energy efficiency rating by indicating a letter value from A++ to E, with the latter being the lowest possible rating.

By ensuring your windows are A rated or higher, you’ll have a better chance of increasing your savings and decreasing your environmental footprint over time.

Again, to increase your annual savings, make sure the windows you choose are rated highly by the BFRC.

Should I Go For Triple Glazing Over Double Glazing?

If you’re switching from double to triple glazed, the difference in savings you’ll see annually will likely be very minimal. The average amount saved over a year with both types of windows is £175, so switching from one to the other probably won’t save you much more money.

However, if you’re switching from single to triple glazing, the cost can be worth it if you want the absolute best of the best.

Keep in mind, if upgrading to triple glazing means getting the cheapest window with the lowest efficiency, whereas switching to double glazing would allow for a higher quality (and higher energy efficient) window, double glazing would likely be the better route to take. Consider your budget and choose the option that makes the most sense for you.

Lastly, if your home currently has double glazed windows that are old, worn, and damaged, upgrading to triple glazing might still be a good option.

What Are The Benefits Of Choosing Triple Glazing?

With less heat loss through your windows, you’ll save money on each of your energy bills. Likewise, your home will remain warmer and more comfortable during winter months.

Triple glazing offers benefits outside of possible increased savings on your energy bill, though. Consider your home’s:

  • Safety: Triple glazing adds an entirely extra pane of glass, making your windows more secure against intruders. Burglars will be much less likely to attempt entry on your home since triple glazed windows are so sturdy.
  • Noise: With 3 panes of glass and 2 slits of air/gas, noise from traffic or neighbors will be significantly reduced. An extra pane of glass and another layer of air/gas adds additional insulation for added comfort in your home.
  • Value: If you’re selling your home, buyers might be enticed by triple glazed windows, thereby increasing your home’s resale value.
  • Environmental footprint: By increasing your home’s energy efficiency, even if minimally, you’ll also be decreasing the impact your energy usage makes on the environment.
  • Damage: Condensation is another aspect to consider. When windows with multiple panes suffer from water penetration and condensation build up, they can be costly to fix. Triple glazing is much less likely to experience this than double glazing. While you might never have a problem with condensation with your double glazed windows, if you do, the repairs can be financially difficult.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Triple Glazing

There are fewer drawbacks with triple glazing than there are benefits, but there are still several potential problems to keep in mind.

For one, the obvious cost of purchasing and installing triple glazed windows is quite high. Unless you have an extra stack of money lying around, the price of these will likely make a bit of a dent in your finances.

Smaller potential issues include things like slightly less light being let into your home or possible structural damage to your home due to such heavy material being used. That being said, double glazing can also suffer from potential damages, so your tolerance for risk will help determine which type of window is right for your home.

uPVC Triple Glazed Windows

While there are a number of window types to choose from, uPVC windows are most common throughout the UK for several reasons:

  • They receive a high energy efficiency rating from the Energy Saving Trust, an organisation that helps UK citizens reduce their energy usage and lessen their environmental impact.
  • uPVC windows are typically the cheapest style since materials aren’t too costly.
  • Almost all double or triple glazing window companies will supply these since they’re so popular with homeowners.

How To Choose A Triple Glazing Company

So you’ve decided to go with triple glazing. What’s next?

The best way to find a company that suits your specific needs is by filling out our quote form. You’ll receive accurate estimates from multiple window companies for supplying and installing triple glazing in your home.

After receiving your quotes, here are several things to keep in mind:
  • Always make sure you provide companies with your exact home type, number of windows needed, and preferred window style (if you have one in mind). By knowing your specifics up front, you’ll be able to move through the decision process much more smoothly.
  • Reach out to multiple companies. It’s important to compare multiple companies instead of deciding on the first one that seems okay. Different window companies offer varying services, options, and even installation time-frames.
  • Speak to companies over the phone and in person. Make sure they provide professional customer service and answer every question you have.
  • Ask lots of questions. The more you know, the better decision you’ll be able to make. If a company isn’t knowledgeable in any certain area, consider speaking to others.
  • Review past work and customer reviews. Always make sure you see a company’s prior window installation jobs or read their real testimonials. Ask around to see if you know anyone who’s used them in the past. Do your research to ensure a great outcome with your windows.
  • Don’t overlook smaller, local companies. The larger, more well known companies often overshadow local ones, but window suppliers and installers local to your area may be able to provide better services for your needs.
  • Make sure the company is certified by FENSA and GFF. These organisations offer trust, certification, and professionalism. Companies certified under these entities are generally well worth considering as you’ll likely receive excellent quality of service and windows from them.

Final Tip: Secondary Glazing On Sash Windows

If you’ve determined triple glazing is out of your price range, you do have another option to further increase the efficiency of your home (and noise reduction) without breaking the bank.

Secondary glazing is a method that adds an extra thin pane of glass to your existing window, without having to uninstall and reinstall entirely new materials. In fact, with secondary glazing, you can increase your home’s efficiency by another 10 percent (if upgrading from single glazed windows).

You can use secondary glazing on your existing single or double glazed windows to improve their performance, especially when you’re unable to completely reinstall new windows because of building or listing rules.

Many of the best double glazing companies will assist with secondary glazing, and the cost and time required are significantly less than triple glazing. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, take this question to your installation company to see how it might benefit your specific situation.
To get an accurate estimate on how much triple glazing for your home will cost, go ahead and fill out the quote form. You’ll receive price estimates specific to your home from highly reputable UK window companies that will have you on your way to increased savings, comfort, and value.

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