Smart Glass

Smart Glass, seen it on TV and wondered what it is? Smart Glass is now an option for you and your home, not just for the homes on interior design shows. Update the glass in your windows and you’ll instantly notice the changes.

What is Smart Glass?

The proper name for Smart Glass is electrochromic glass. It’s clever stuff as it is able to change from clear to opaque by flicking a simple switch.

Now let’s talk science for a moment. I’ll make it easy to understand. Electrochromic glass has a handy way of changing colour when an electrical charge is passed across it. In most instances, they’re made from double glazed units but one of the interior panes is a bit different to standard double glazing. It is coated with up to 5 very thin layers. These layers consist of two electrodes and electrical contact layers. This is where the magic happens! Passing between these layers are Lithium ions. When they gather on the innermost electrode layer the glass appears clear. When they move to the outermost layers the glass cleverly becomes opaque. All this is down to the fact that this layer reflects light as it is made from tungsten oxide.

Are smart windows for me?

Does your house get really warm in the summer from strong sunlight shining through the windows? Has some or all of your furniture faded in the sun? Has the sun affected the colour of your carpet or rugs? Smart windows are a great solution to keeping your house cool in the summer and you’ll never have to worry about fading furniture and carpets again. Switching your windows to opaque uses hardly any energy and your home will look sleeker for it. No more relying on old fashioned curtains, blinds or even shutters. You can go for a modern look of clean sleek lines which is practical and easier to keep clean.

Love the idea but worried about the cost?

There is a solution that can give you the benefits of smart glass without the cost of replacing all of your windows. It can be supplied as an easy to fit film which can be applied to your current windows! What’s even better is that they can be included in solar windows too. This means you can still create energy without it entering your house. A win win for everyone!