While there are a number of window companies in the UK to choose from, Safestyle Windows is one that consistently upholds the values and services we find most important.

It does not just come down to pricing when considering the installation of double glazed windows in your home; there are many more boxes to check.

Safestyle constantly provides a high quality of service, a number of reliable window options, and a strong value compared to competitors.

Contact Safestyle through our online quote form to see how they can help with your home’s double glazing.

Safestyle Certifications and Reputation

Choosing Safestyle as a window supplier and installer typically leaves customers confident and happy. One reason is their registration with both FENSA and GGF.

These organizations (Fenestration Self Assessment Scheme and Glass and Glazing Foundation, respectively) provide customers with a way to validate UK window companies and truly understand what kind of work they will be receiving, upfront.

Both FENSA and the GGF validate that window companies follow specific, trusted practices and procedures. They offer helpful customer service, as well.

Safestyle Window Quality

Safestyle is well known for offering high quality and value to their customers. Not only are the services they provide top notch, their window materials are, too.

Many companies sell and install recycled uPVC windows. While using recycled products lowers your environmental impact, it can also degrade the quality of your windows.

Safestyle uses brand new material in their windows to ensure the highest quality product, which often saves money, time, and energy in the long run.

With Safestyle, expect the following:

  • Sturdy and secure windows
  • Extremely energy efficient products vetted by the Energy Saving Trust
  • Classic and modern window style options

For an efficient and safe double glazed window option, consider Safestyle’s Sliding Sash Window. Not only do UK homeowner’s love the look, but also the quality and build are made to last, with little upkeep required. These windows receive an “A” energy efficiency rating, which means you can save up to £175 per year on your energy bills.

How Does Safestyle Compare To Other Companies?

Of course, it is important to consider multiple UK window companies as you decide on double glazing for your home.

Fill out our quick quote form to understand which options might be right for you.

Here are several reasons to keep Safestyle on your list:
  1. They provide a 10 year warranty on all their products, including any double glazed doors. On top of that, warranties can be grandfathered to new tenants if you ever sell your home, which greatly increases its value.
  2. As a large window company in the UK, they are well staffed and served. You likely will not have any issues regarding customer service, scheduling an installation, or asking around for first hand reviews of their work.
  3. Their GGF and FENSA registration makes them highly reputable and trusted within the UK.


Every window installation by Safestyle is different, as each home varies from one to the next. Depending on your home’s size, style, and type, your quote might change. Additionally, the window type and style you opt for will also affect the overall price.

Fortunately, Safestyle will do a full assessment prior to moving forward with your window installation. This process will allow them to accurately quote a price based on your specific home.

Know that Safestyle’s price quotes are consistently less than other major and minor UK window companies.

Again, the absolute best way to determine how affordable your double glazing will be is by filling out the quote form to contact multiple companies at once.

However, to give you an example of what your cost for double glazing might be, here is a sample quote for a multi-level, detached home with 8 windows:
  • For A++ uPVC energy efficient rated windows, the total cost would be about £5,500.


Few companies match Safestyle’s commitment to providing excellent service and quality. One of their most appealing aspects is the price match offered on all products.

If you happen to come across a company offering lower prices on the same product as Safestyle, they will lower their price to match it. Since you know their quality is one of the highest any company offers, its well worth it to receive quotes from multiple companies to compare.

If their price range is still outside your budget, the good news is they offer financing for customers. Partnered with Barclays Finance, Safestyle provides finance options from 24 to 120 months.

Their shorter finance options of 24 months can be had interest free. Longer options offer just under 8% APR throughout repayment.

Lastly, another option for saving money on your Safestyle windows is to wait for a sale. Holidays, different times throughout the year, and company promotions all offer chances to purchase double glazing at a decent discount. Regardless of what their website says or does not say, it is always smart to enquire about sales. Safestyle might have one coming up that you can wait for.


One of the reasons we think so highly of Safestyle is their quality customer service. We rarely find anyone who has had a negative experience with this company, which provides excellent proof of their good practices.

The well known brand, Trust Pilot, has even rated Safestyle with an 8.9 score out of 10, which is outstanding. It is hard to find a more highly rated company offering a similar level of value in the UK.


We highly recommend submitting a quote form to see what Safestyle will charge for double glazing in your home. Because of their excellent customer reviews and trusted reputations, we do not hesitate to recommend this company.

Take a moment to fill out our online quote form. In a few simple steps, you’ll be able to receive accurate quotes from Safestyle and other well known UK double glazing window companies.

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