Double Glazing Vs. Triple Glazing

Many homeowners choosing to upgrade their home’s windows are faced with the options of double and triple glazing. A common logic is, if you’re going to invest in windows, shouldn’t they be the best?

Triple glazing understandably sounds better than double glazing.

However, we want to provide a comparison so you can make the absolute best choice for your home and budget. There’s a good chance double glazing will fit the bill for your home perfectly, which will save you money on your purchase.

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Triple Glazing

Triple glazed windows have three panels of glass with two pockets of sealed gas or air in between them. Those extra panels of glass and the sealed compartments between them provide added efficiency, security, and noise reduction. They do an excellent job of eliminating drafts throughout your home.

Triple glazing is similar to double glazing, but with one extra panel of glass and another pocket of air or gas.

An Overview:

Double Glazing is a significant step up from single glazing. There’s no question about that. By upgrading your home to double glazing, you’ll benefit from things like added security due to multiple panels of glass, decreased noise pollution into your home, increased savings on your energy bills, and fewer drafts throughout your home during cold winter months.

Logically, many think triple glazing is a huge step up from double glazing. However, moving up the ladder by adding a third panel of glass doesn’t necessarily provide too much of an advantage. With triple glazing, your cost for materials and installation will go up, but your annual energy savings will barely budge, if at all, compared to double glazing. One pro (or con, depending on how you look at it) is the decreased light entering rooms with triple glazing. While rooms will appear slightly darker, they might benefit from cooler temperatures during warmer months. Other benefits are the even further decreased noise pollution and slightly increased security, compared to double glazing.

Is Triple Glazing Right for You?

Typically, double glazing will perform just fine, but there are sound reasons to opt for triple glazing instead.

Most commonly, triple glazing is used on homes further north than the UK. Houses in Scandinavia, for example, will likely have triple glazing versus double glazing. Even though the step up in efficiency isn’t drastic, in places with brutally cold weather, it can make a significant difference.

While it’s not absolutely necessary in the UK, more homeowners continue to opt for triple glazing instead. For extremely energy efficient buildings, triple glazing is the obvious choice. For regular homeowners, though, certainly don’t rule out double glazing.

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Don’t Fall Victim to Fine Print

Many window shoppers see heat map comparison photos of double versus triple glazing online. These show heat leaks on double glazed homes versus leaks on triple glazed homes. The pictures tend to be vastly different.

However, the reason isn’t because of a drastic difference glazing option. It’s because one window likely shows the lowest grade double glazed window available, while the comparison depicts a home with the absolute top of the line triple glazed windows.

The good news is, UK window companies won’t even sell you low quality double glazed windows, as they’re not technically allowed to according to building regulations. You’ll most likely end up with A or higher grade windows, which means those heat map photos won’t apply to you at all.

Lastly, do keep in mind, we’ve seen a number photoshopped heat map images floating around on the web (although these have been unrelated to UK window company sites). Do a bit of investigation for yourself and always read the fine print.

Should I Get Double or Triple Glazing?

For many homeowners, the choice comes down to budget. Triple glazing is certainly more expensive than double glazing. If you simply can’t afford triple glazing, your question is answered.

For those who can afford either choice, though, it’s important to consider which advantages will apply to you.

Are you simply looking to save more money on your annual energy bill totals?

If so, we recommend purchasing double glazing. Triple glazing offers a fairly insignificant increase in energy efficiency in the UK. If you own a standard home, double glazing will do just fine. If you’re constructing an energy efficient building, though, you might want to go to greater measures to ensure its soundness and to match the rest of the build.

If noise pollution inside your home is a major concern, triple glazing could very well be a better option for you. Just as double glazing blocks out more noise than single glazing, triple glazing performs at an even higher level. The extra panel of glass and pocket of gas or air will significantly reduce the amount of outside noise coming into your home. Again, if this is your main concern, consider triple glazing.

If you’re worried about intruders or burglars in your home, there’s not a definitive answer when it comes to number of window panels. While double glazing does offer much more security than single glazing, triple glazing doesn’t increase your protection by too much more. Yes, there will be a slight increase in security, but if it’s not your priority, double glazing will likely suit your home well.

For the lowest long term maintenance option, double glazing might be slightly more beneficial than triple glazing. Both tend to uphold very well over time, but do note that it is more costly to repair triple glazing than it is double glazing. If condensation happens to get in, fixing the issue in a triple glazed window requires more time and energy.

What to Choose?

For the average homeowner, we are suggesting going with highly rated double glazing.

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For monetary savings, increased security, reduced noise pollution, and a more comfortable home, you’ll likely be perfectly happy with double glazing.

If you’re constructing a highly energy efficient building and need to install the utmost energy efficient windows, go with triple glazing.

At the end of the day, both options will provide you with benefits far beyond those that come with average single glazing. Choosing the right option for you is purely a personal decision.

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Grants for Double Glazing

The UK’s Green Deal is no longer in existence. If you’ve never heard of the initiative, though, you’re not alone. Too many homeowners were overlooking the inadequate deal, which led to its dismissal. However, there are still ways to save a great deal of money on your double or triple glazing.

The Benefits of Double Glazing

Double glazing comes with a multitude of benefits. Whether you’re looking to save money on energy bills or increase your home’s security, you can achieve that and more by installing double glazing.

Here’s an overview of the benefits you’ll gain from double glazing:
  • Decreased noise pollution: A second panel of glass greatly reduces the amount of noise filtering into your home.
  • Added security: Double and triple glazed windows are much sturdier than single glazed. Burglars and intruders are more inclined to avoid homes with stronger windows like these.
  • More comfortable home: Double glazing greatly reduces indoor drafts, so your home will feel much more comfortable throughout winter.
  • Increased home value: Sellers looking to make a good return on their investment often install double or triple glazing, as home buyers frequently prefer homes with updated, energy saving windows like these.
  • Long-term money savings: Double and triple glazing can save you up to £175/year on your energy bill.

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Savings from Double Glazing

With the cost of energy constantly increasing, now is a better time than ever to consider installing double or triple glazing in your home.

If you’ve noticed a steady bump in your annual energy bill total, year after year, without changing your energy consumption habits, you’re not alone.

UK homeowners and renters are all in the same boat, which is why more and more are upgrading their home’s energy efficiency level.

The actual amount of money you’ll save with double glazing will vary, depending on your home and window type.

If you’re upgrading your windows from single glazed, C energy rating, to double glazed, A energy rating, expect to save up to £175 per year. Of course, as energy prices continue to rise, that number could follow suit.

Cheap or Free Double Glazing

Initially, UK homeowners had the option of applying for a government grant called The Green Deal. This was basically a way for homeowners to install double glazing without paying for anything up front. Instead, the amount of money saved on their energy bills would go toward financing the purchase and installation.

There were several problems with this deal, which led to its inevitable end not long after.

Interest rates were high, few companies wanted to wait so long for compensation, and the finance deal would fall into the lap of whoever bought a “Green Deal Home” down the road, which was off-putting to many.

While you can no longer consider The Green Deal as an option, the good news is, UK window companies tend to offer their own deals and finance plans without government involvement.

Note: Scotland residents still have the option of applying for the HEEPS Grant, which stands for Home Energy Efficiency Programs for Scotland. The qualifications needed are not necessarily the same as for the recent Green Deal. However, we suggest checking with window companies in the area to enquire whether or not you might be a candidate.

Many hope to find a backdoor leading to free double glazing. We haven’t found any reports of successfully acquiring double or triple glazing for free. Many companies offer appealing incentives, which make the purchase and installation much more affordable.

How to Save Money on Double Glazing

Consider the following options for saving money on double glazing:
  • Company finance plans: Many leading UK window companies offer their own financing plans. It’s not uncommon to find options from 12 to even 120 months with relatively low APR, if not 0% interest. Anglian and Safestyle are two companies known to offer competitive financing. Check for plans with 0% interest over 12 months.
  • Sales and promotions: Whether it’s for a holiday or company promotion, it’s not too difficult to find sales. Of course, with these, you’ll have to shop around a bit. Sales are often only on certain products – not necessarily across the board. However, it’s worth it to enquire about current or upcoming sales with various companies. Even if a sale is not currently listed for the product you want, you never know – there might be one coming up within the next few months.
  • Company price match: You’ll frequently find UK window companies offering price matching on their products. While this might not save you hundreds of pounds, it will likely allow you to purchase your windows from a more reputable, high quality company. If your window company of choice is selling your ideal product at a rate too high, shop around with other large and small sellers. You’re likely to find someone with a lower price, which you can take to your chosen company for a match.

How to Get the Best Deal on Double Glazing

By using our suggestions above, you’ll put yourself on track to finding the lowest cost double glazing possible.

You might have heard us say this before, but we’ll say it again:

The absolute best way to get a deal on double glazing is to use the online quote form. It’s quick and simple, with no sensitive information required. By enquiring through the quote form, you’ll be able to simultaneously contact multiple UK window companies to start receiving deals and offers on your double glazing installation. There’s truly no easier way to find the best double or triple glazing deal on offer.

Moving Forward

Many homeowners are turned off by the relatively steep of double glazing cost. If you feel the same, we urge you to think long term.

Double glazing is an investment up front, but deals and financing abound. On top of that, the money you’ll save over time will make double glazing well worth it in the long run.

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