Double Glazing Repairs

 Double Glazing: Replacement vs. Repair

In some cases, double glazing repairs are neither practical nor cost-effective, and if repair costs represent 40 – 50% of replacement costs, we advise you consider replacement as a more practical, long-lasting, and beneficial expense.

Here are some repair situations you might be faced with:

Failed Sealed Units

When a sealed unit breaks down or fails, replacement is the best option. Yet, in situations such as condensation gathering, we do not always need to replace the whole window. In most cases, a competent double-glazing engineer can replace the units only. This makes for a relatively cost-effective ‘replacement repair’.

Broken or Failed Toughened Glass Sealed Units

As mentioned above, repair costs can often represent a large percentage of replacement costs. For example, old aluminium patio doors can be difficult to fit new sealed units into (due to the ‘wrap round glazing’ used). New toughened glass units can cost £400 – £500 alone (far higher than the door’s original cost), and we therefore encourage you to fit a new door in these cases.

Faulty Patio Doors

When doors’ running gears or locking mechanisms fail, it is not always possible to replace them (especially when doors are ten years or older). In particular, the operating gear on ‘Tilt/Slide’ patio doors can be difficult to locate and running gears are often imported from overseas, where the door type is more common. If all gearing has to be repaired, you could be looking at costs of around £600. In these scenarios, many would prefer the additional expense of buying a new door, rather than seeking costly and laborious repair work.

Leaking Conservatory Roofs

Conservatory roofs, especially those that are badly fitted or DIY varieties, sometimes require total replacement. Unfortunately, few companies will replace roofs, and those that do charge high prices compared to the cost of building a new conservatory. In some cases, homeowners wish to replace polycarbonate roofs with glass, increasing the weight as well as introducing structural issues that could be avoided by rebuilding from scratch.

Change the Glass, Keep the Frames

Our units are made to measure at the factory, and come with the standard 5-year guarantee against the perimeter seal breaking down (or 3 years when fitted in wood frames). We aim to fit replacement units within an hour from arrival, and can even add lead designs such as diamonds, squares, or Georgian bars, within 4 hours for under £600!

Energy Efficiency

We are receiving an increasing demand from customers for energy efficient windows glass. If your windows have been installed after 2002, you will already have energy efficient glass (or low-e) fitted as part of new installation regulations. If you wish to upgrade to energy efficient glass without changing your frames, check out our online pricing system or call for a free quote!