Double Glazed Windows Guide

Are you throwing away money every month on sky high energy bills? Does the idea of selling your home undervalue leave you banging your head against the wall?

These are common fears and worries of homeowners across the UK, and for good reason; you could be losing hefty sums of money without the right solution.

Alternatively, sounds from neighbors, street noise, or other outside nuisances might be driving you crazy, and the possibility of someone easily entering your home while you’re away is a real danger to fear.

You might not be able to identify with each scenario above, but chances are, at least one of these valid worries lingers in the back of your mind.

The answer is double glazed windows.

Installing these assets will:
  • Reduce energy bills by over £100 a year
  • Put your home’s value on the rise
  • Drastically reduce outside noise
  • Help secure your home from intruders

Enjoying the vast benefits of double glazed windows is easy – simply fill out the form above for free quotes from reputable companies, and you’ll receive access to the most trusted window suppliers in the industry.

Still have questions? That’s okay, too. Keep reading for in depth guidance on installing double glazed windows in your home.

What Exactly Is Double Glazing?

Normal windows – the kind that don’t do a very good job of securing or insulating your home – are made up of one, single pane of glass.

While these windows provide a barrier from the outdoors, they aren’t very secure, and they tend to do a poor job of insulating.

The Double Glazing Comparison

Double glazed windows are made from two panes, and within these panes is a thin layer of gas that’s been sealed and trapped.

1 pane versus 2…it’s kind of a no brainer, right?

By best double glazing, you’ll literally increase your home’s insulation by 50%.

That second panel and layer of gas are where the benefits start to come in. Improving the insulation of your home makes it much more efficient, meaning your heater or air conditioner won’t have to work so hard to maintain steady indoor temperatures, and your energy bills will finally come down.

Double glazing = more money in your pockets, all throughout the year.

How Much Do Double Glazed Windows Cost?

It’s important to know how much will double glazing cost. Review the following information for average double glazing prices.

The average cost of installing new double glazed windows depends on several factors:
  • Home type/size
  • Window style/size
  • Number of windows in your home

To give you an estimation, though, for a single double glazed window (common uPVC windows), you can expect to pay anywhere between £300 to £400.

Multiply that cost by the number of windows in your home, and you’ll be able to generate a rough estimate of what installation will cost.

Compare Double Glazing Prices:

What About Free Double Glazing?

In the past, UK residents had the option of applying for a government grant called The Green Deal. This was basically a way for homeowners to install double glazing without paying for anything up front.

There were several problems with this deal, which led to its inevitable end not long after. While you can no longer consider The Green Deal as an option, the good news is, UK double glazing companies tend to offer their own deals and finance plans without government involvement.

Speak with window companies about financing options, sales, or upcoming promotions. It’s always worth asking whether or not you qualify to save money in some way. Often times, you will.

How Much Money Will Double Glazing Save Me?

If your home currently has single glazed windows with an EPC (energy performance certificate) “A” energy rating, the good news is, you can still save up to £120 a year by adding new double glazing, even if your home is semi-detached.

If your home is fully detached, expect savings of up to £170 – £175 per year, or nearly £70 for a flat.

While these savings might not seem huge in comparison to the cost of installing double glazed windows, over time, the amount of money you’ll save can significantly overshadow the initial amount spent.



With energy bills constantly on the rise, year after year, it’s smart to take action now by installing double glazed windows. Regardless of what type of home you own, the savings can be immense, especially over time.

Want to see how much you can save? Get your free double glazing quote online now.

What Kind Of Improvements Will Double Glazing Add To My Home?

Compare the thermal image below of the single glazed house on the left versus the double glazed home on the right.

Those dark red patches you see show just how much heat is escaping through single glazed windows. On the other side, notice how minor the few heat-spots are. You’ll see very little, if any, are present near the windows.

This image is a clear example of just how much more energy efficient your home can be with double glazing.

With such an increased level of efficiency comes significant savings on monthly energy bills. In fact, average sized homes can expect to see nearly a 20% drop in energy usage immediately after installation – the difference is drastic. Your bank account and the environment will both thank you.

Beyond a huge increase in efficiency, your home will also benefit from more effective soundproofing. Whether outside noise comes in the form of traffic, loud neighbours, or even planes overhead, it will be noticeably dampened indoors. Those living on busy streets can finally experience the peace and quiet a comfortable home should provide.

For many homeowners, security is a real issue. Especially when dealing with older houses, single glazed windows are extremely easy to penetrate. A simple stone from the ground can easily break straight through the average window.

With new double glazing, the effort to break in is much more demanding. With the added layer of glass, burglars will have a much harder time intruding on your space. In fact, they’re less likely to even consider making entry due to the sturdy appearance of double glazing alone.

Is There Such A Thing As Triple Glazing?

While you can opt for triple glazing instead of double glazing, your return on investment won’t change too much.

With triple glazing, a third layer of glass is added to the window. The design is meant to improve sound reduction and energy efficiency even more than double glazing, but the actual differences achieved are very minimal.

The windows themselves will be sturdier, which might be of importance to you, but the reduction in energy bills will not be significant.

How Do I Choose A Frame?

There are many frame options to choose from; your home type will help narrow down your choices, and from there, you can make a final decision based on personal preference.

Below are some of the most common window frame types:
Wooden Frames:
  • Great for traditional homes
  • Provide excellent insulation
  • Give you the option of paint colour
  • Regular maintenance necessary
uPVC Windows:
  • Commonly found throughout the UK
  • Modern style
  • Lengthy lifespan
  • Easily customisable with colour, size, and shape
  • Easy to maintain
  • No painting necessary
Aluminium and/or Steel Frames:
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Requires painting to customise
Composite Frames:
  • Brand new innovation in window frames
  • 19th century timber style

What’s The Installation Process Like?

Fortunately, you don’t need to acquire any planning permission to install double glazed windows (unless your building is listed), so the process runs quite quickly and smoothly.

Installing double glazed windows can be done through the company you buy your windows from, or by a separate installation company. Naturally, depending on the size of your home and number of windows needing to be installed, the overall time frame will vary.

For the average sized house, however, you can expect an installation time of less than one week – typically between three to five days.

For a more accurate estimation, our free online quote form will allow reputable window suppliers to communicate their installation timeline on your specific home and give you their best offers.

Will Double Glazing Increase My Home Value?

By installing double glazed windows, your home value will likely show an increase. Not only that, but many buyers these days specifically look for homes with double glazing since the energy efficiency is so high.

By adding new double glazed windows to your home, you’re not only lowering your annual energy bill, you could also recoup even more money on your investment after selling your home.

In fact, many real estate companies have noted that single glazed windows are one of the leading turn-offs for current buyers.

Of course, if adding home value is your goal, be strategic in the style of windows you opt for. Choose windows that will maintain their modern appeal, even ten years down the road, rather than windows that fit the trends of the moment.

Consider the following factors if planning to sell your home:
  • Match the window style of other homes on your street
  • Purchase windows that require low maintenance
  • Opt for sturdy windows to prevent wear and tear over time
  • Consider neutral colors

Are There Any Drawbacks To Double Glazing?

While double glazed windows are much sturdier than single glazed, if they are damaged, the repair process is more intensive and costly.

Since the two panes in double glazed windows trap a layer of gas inside, if a seal or any glass is broken, air and water can make their way in, often leading to condensation. Repairing this sort of damage is more extensive than solely fixing one panel of glass.

However, that being said, should you choose a window company that offers warranties on their products, repairs are something you might not have to worry about at all. Check with each company you speak to, and ensure your windows will be covered.

The following sections are all intended to help you understand how to choose the best installation company for your windows.

We’ll talk about:
  • Energy efficient window ratings and what they mean
  • Questions to ask and qualities to look for in a double glazing company
  • Tips and tricks to make the installation process a breeze
  • Double glazing maintenance requirements

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What Are Energy Efficient Window Ratings And What Do They Mean?

The BFRC, or British Fenestration Rating Council, is the UK authority on rating the energy efficiency levels of windows and doors. Look for a rainbow label to know whether or not your windows claim this rating.

Within that label, you’ll also find a rating from A++ to E, which will indicate exactly how energy efficient your windows are, with A++ being most energy efficient and E being the least.


Questions To Ask And Qualities To Look For In A Double Glazing Company

Questions to ask when choosing a company:
  • Is the double glazing company a local supplier?
  • What customer reviews, if any, does the company have?
  • Does the company offer to show examples of past work?
Qualities to look for in a company:
  • Professional staff and customer service
  • Highly knowledgeable about window installation
  • Willing to offer opinions and advice specific to your home

The easiest way to determine whether or not a company is the right fit for you is to fill out the form at the top of this page. Trusted companies will then contact you with double glazing information specific to your home and will give you the information you need to make an informed and smart decision.

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Tips And Tricks To Make The Installation Process A Breeze

The best advice when choosing to install double glazed windows is to consult multiple companies before making a decision. Gather as much double glazing information as you need, ask as many questions as possible, and then decide for yourself which company will work best for you.

Use the quote form above to narrow down your search, and then, if at all possible, take a trip to their storefront or offices so you can ask your questions in person.

It’s important to gauge whether or not a company is professional, courteous, and informed when making your decision, and speaking face to face is often very helpful.

Other tips to keep in mind:
  • Before reaching out to double glazing companies, make sure you know how many windows you need installed to avoid too much back and forth
  • Always review a company’s past work. Better yet, ask around and see if you know anyone who’s worked with them before.

Double Glazing Maintenance Requirements

Double glazing is typically very easy to maintain, especially when choosing more durable frame types.

To ensure your windows pass the test of time, follow these routine steps:
  1. Always ventilate your home, as condensation easily forms inside houses with no air flow. If moisture builds up on or inside your windows, contact your installation company immediately to make sure there’s no damage. If there is, refer to your warranty.
  2. Routinely clean all windows of dust, debris, or any dirt.
  3. Avoid using harmful chemicals on the windows – opt for a natural solution like 2 parts water, 1 part vinegar.
  4. Check windows regularly for damage and moisture. Call your installation company immediately if any of the former are noticed.

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