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When it comes to comparing double glazing companies reviews, we always suggest contacting multiple window suppliers and installers to make sure you’re aware of every option available.

By simply filling out our quick quote form, you’ll receive accurate price quotes from reputable window companies across the UK.

That being said, we also strongly suggest seeking a quote from Anglian Windows, a well known and trusted double glazing company. If you need double or triple glazed windows or doors installed in your home, Anglian is a sure bet to provide you with wonderful customer service and care.


Anglian boasts FENSA and GGF registrations. FENSA, the Fenestration Self Assessment Scheme, and GGF, The Glass and Glazing Federation, both provide customers a way of automatically vetting window companies.

Having a connection to both organizations should reassure prospective buyers of the company’s fair and quality practices.

On top of that, Anglian is also endorsed by Trust Mark, which is a government endorsed scheme. Trust Mark accredits companies who offer good trading practices, good customer service, and technical competence.

It’s safe to say Anglian is thoroughly vetted and supported by multiple nationally known organizations.


Anglian constantly provides a high standard of service. From custom building your double glazed windows or doors, to promptly installing them, the company is noticeably detail oriented and thorough.

With Anglian, expect the following:
  • Brand new uPVC material (many companies use recycled)
  • A high level of security
  • Significant outdoor noise reduction
  • Fully customized windows
  • Money saved on annual energy bills

For a high quality double glazed window, consider Anglian’s uPVC Tilt and Turn or uPVC Vertical Sliding Sash. Both windows are popular due to their energy efficiency (with A ratings from the Energy Saving Trust) and durability. You shouldn’t have to do much upkeep on either style, and both come with an excellent warranty.

To learn about other window options available through Anglian, fill out our simple online quote form to be contacted with information specific to your home and needs.


As always, it’s important to consider multiple UK window companies as you decide on double glazing for your home.

Fill out our quick quote form to understand which options might be right for you.

Here are several reasons to keep Anglian on your list:
  1. All windows sold and installed by Anglian are covered under a 10 year warranty, which includes labor.
  2. Other products offer even longer warranties; check with Anglian to see if the window or door you’re considering has higher than a 10 year warranty.
  3. As a large window company in the UK, they are well staffed and served. You likely won’t have any issues regarding customer service, scheduling an installation, or asking around for first hand reviews of their work.
  4. Their GGF and FENSA registration makes them highly reputable and trusted within the UK, and their Trust Mark endorsement reinforces that even further.


Every window and installation process by Anglian is different, as each home varies from one to the next. Your home’s size, style, layout, and other specifics will all affect your overall price. Additionally, the window type and style you opt for will also impact the final cost.

To provide an accurate quote, Anglian will inspect your home to see exactly what the job will require. While this process requires scheduling a time for the visit, it also ensures you’ll know exactly what the cost will be, up front. There will be no guessing or wondering on your part. You’ll also have the opportunity to speak with a professional from Anglian’s team throughout the process.

Anglian’s level of value constantly comes in higher than many other UK window companies.

Again, the absolute best way to determine how affordable your double glazing will be is by filling out the quote form to contact multiple companies at once.

However, to give you an example of what your cost for double glazing might be, here is a sample quote for a multi-level, detached home with 8 windows:
  • For A++ uPVC energy efficient rated windows, the total cost would be about £9,000 – £11,500.

Remember, this is a quote for a specific home and window type. Yours will vary depending on your home and window choice.


Hitachi Capital has partnered with Anglian to offer a number of finance options for customers.

Nearly half of all Anglian customers end up using financing, as the company offers a special rate to those who do. By using a payment plan, you could actually end up paying less than you would outright and upfront.

It’s absolutely worth it to enquire about financing through Anglian, even if your budget allows for one complete payment. You could end up saving hundreds of pounds by the end if you finance.

Anglian upholds a price match policy. If you’re debating between multiple companies, don’t let cost be your deciding factor. Anglian will match the price of another window company’s uPVC products, which is just one more reason to always receive quotes from multiple companies.


Anglian consistently receives excellent customer reviews. In fact, Trustpilot, a well known vetting brand, has given them a recent 7.8 rating out of 10, which is difficult to achieve.

Like countless customers, we think you’ll be more than happy using Anglian. If you do opt to go with this company, know that they’ve been accredited by a number of organizations.


If you’re shopping for double glazing, contact Anglian. To make it simple, use our online quote form. Remember to enquire through other companies as well to potentially use Anglian’s price match system. Lastly, keep in mind the 10+ year warranty offered by this trusted company. Their positive customer reviews are just icing on the cake.
Take a moment to fill out our online quote form. In a few simple steps, you’ll be able to receive accurate quotes from Anglian and other well known UK double glazing window companies.

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