Increase the value of your home with a York Conservatory

A conservatory is a popular way to add value, space, and size to your home. The York style of conservatories is a regal design to consider which will make significant improvements to your home.

Why is this style different to others?

The York conservatory is grand, it has strong lines and is a bold statement with its rectangular shape. This conservatory will only enhance your current property thanks to its ability to maximise light and space.

Having the ability to choose your finishes and accessories makes the York conservatory a blank canvas so you can make design choices that complement the existing design of your home. Choose from high quality uPVC, aluminium, or timber. This choice then leads the way to an array of colours from a vast selection. Your conservatory does not need to be white!

I’m worried it will look completely different to my home

This is something that a lot of people worry about. Don’t worry. Adding a large structure to your existing home doesn’t mean the appearance needs to change. By choosing your structure material and then your colour your new York conservatory can blend in as if it had always been there. There are a range of frame colours to choose from including natural wood oak, anthracite, charcoal grey, battleship grey and many more.

I was considering an extension, should I get an extension instead?

So many people consider an extension but then opt for a conservatory because it offers them the best value for their needs. You don’t necessarily need to apply for planning permission for a conservatory which is a great money saver. (Please check with your local authority first though as this could vary depending on your location). A conservatory has many functions, a new room can be added to your home quicker and cheaper than it would be if it was being built as an extension, plus a conservatory is much brighter than a regular brick built additional room.

Is it best to use UK double glazing companies for my conservatory?

We certainly recommend you use a UK double glazing company for new conservatory and windows. Having knowledge of how houses are built in the UK will be very useful and it helps for when assessments are carried out on your window frames so you can get a quote. You will get the best deals on double glazing and conservatories from UK double glazing suppliers.