The Victorian Conservatory is just what your home needs

Improve your living space by adding a Victorian Conservatory to your home. Extend your home into your garden to bring the two seamlessly together. Adding a conservatory to your home is an affordable way to add value to your home without the costly bill of an extension.

What’s so special about the Victorian Conservatory?

The Victorian Conservatory is elegant and spacious and is a terrific addition to the size and shape of your home. Its period style makes it a popular choice for UK home owners, especially those living in older properties who may feel that a conservatory is too modern an addition for their home.

Is there more than one shape to choose from?

Yes. You won’t be limited when it comes to the size and shape of a Victorian Conservatory. Offering a bay curved front, you can choose from a number of facet choices including:

3 Facet Victorian
3 Facet Victorian Hip-Back
5 Facet Victorian
5 Facet Victorian Hip-Back

By having this choice you can really be in control of the size and space your new Victorian Conservatory brings, configuring it to your specific needs.

Will I be limited when it comes to style?

No, not at all. The Victorian conservatory already boasts intricate design detailing with Victoriana style finials and decorative glass. You have free rein to choose your interior accessories from handles to fixtures and additional extras such as wall mounted heaters, underfloor hearing and ceiling fans. There is also the added option (if available) to add an automatic roof window which you can set to operate once the room reaches a predefined temperature.

What can I use my conservatory for?

There is no main use for a conservatory, it really is just an extension of your home. Utilise the new, bright space as a garden room or to take advantage of amazing countryside views. Maybe you have a growing family and wish to use it as a playroom or dining room. Offices and studios for hobbies are other options. However, you choose to use a conservatory you won’t be disappointed with the space and light it brings to your home.

Will I get a deal if I buy double glazing and a conservatory?

We cannot guarantee that your double glazing supplier will heavily discount your order if you choose to buy both Double Glazing and a Conservatory. Saying that, it never hurts to ask. The best thing you can do is be open and honest about what you are looking for. We all want “best price double glazing” but you want quality too.