Top Ten Benefits of Double Glazing

The benefits of double glazing, as the best double glazing companies will tell you, is that installing quality doors and windows in your home both a short term and a long term gain. Most people nowadays do not think twice about fitting double glazing, however if you are looking for reasons to have double glazing, we have put together a top ten for you here.

Top Ten Benefits of Double Glazing

1 – Double Glazing is More Secure

Due to the fact that there are two panes of glass, double glazing is automatically more secure than single pane windows, with two panes of glass being obviously more difficult to breakthrough. However, the increased window security you get from the best double glazing companies is something that comes from high quality windows in a modern up to date design. They are not only difficult to smash and break through, but almost impossible to open from the outside, or remove from their location without a lot of disturbance. Secured By Design (SBD) is the official police security initiative that double glazing UK companies should adhere to. When considering the double glazing best deals, ensure that the company is compliant with security standards.

2 – Save on Energy Usage

Good double glazing, expertly fitted, will noticeably help save on heating bills, allowing the home to retain the heat in a much more efficient way. Your thermostat can be comfortably set as you wish, and it will save your energy usage due to the fact that you will not be losing heat through the windows. This will increase the thermal performance of your building as a whole, though not only allowing the retention of heat, but also eliminating drafts. The Energy Saving Trust is a body that gives impartial energy saving advice to homeowners, and endorses products, from boilers to windows. This association is something to look out for when researching double glazing prices and the benefits of double glazing.

3 – Condensation Reduction and Elimination

Condensation on windows can quickly become a nightmare for homeowners. The benefits of double glazing include the warmer temperature being maintained on the inside on the property, therefore it is not meeting the cold air from the outside, resulting in a massive reduction in condensation. This means that the usual fogging up of the windows and formation of condensation does not occur, or occurs only minimally. This in turn means that there will be virtually no mould or damp around the windows, the frames and the sills, which is a knock on effect of having condensation.

4 – Long Term Durability

The best double glazing suppliers will provide the homeowner with a guarantee after fitting windows or doors, often a lifetime guarantee of a minimum of 20 years. The durability of double glazing is down to not only expert fitting, but also superior manufacture and materials. In addition to this, because they help prevent condensation, window frame and sills will have a much longer life, free from damp and potential rot. This makes double glazing cost effective.

5 – Keep Noise Pollution Out

A double glazed house, with high quality fitted glazing, will experience a noticeable sound proofing to the home. The benefits of double glazing insulates against street noise, traffic, and other noise pollution, and is an ideal solution to anyone living on a busy road or on a flight path. It will reduce wind and weather noise too, ensuring a quieter home, day or night.

6 – Easy To Maintain Windows

Because of the unlikelihood of condensation and mould problems, double glazing is extremely easy to maintain and indeed is one of the many benefits of double glazing. The frames wipe clean, whether they are made from UPVC or timber, and you are able to select a design that allows you to clean the outside of the upstairs windows yourself if you so desire. Double glazed windows are not just easy to clean and maintain, but because of their durability they are unlikely to present any problems, or need replaced, for a very long time.

7 – Give the Property a New Look

Double glazing not only gives a smart modern finish to a property, but it can also update a period home while still in keeping with the overall style. UK double glazing companies are able to work with the design aesthetic of your home, and help select the best option for you and your property. New windows will give a smart appearance, both inside and out.

8 – Increase the Value of your Home

Installing up to date new double glazing in a property is a sure way to add value. Because of the long-term guarantee and the known durability of the windows, it is something that both an estate agent and buyers alike will notice favorably. Have a look for double glazing prices and double glazing companies reviews to select the best company, and ask for a free quote.

9 – No Planning Permission Required

Unlike many property alterations that can be carried out, windows are a simple one. Aside from in listed buildings, as a homeowner you are free to select and install double glazing of your choice. Have a look around at double glazing suppliers and what they offer, you will be sure to find something that will enhance both the look and feel of your home.

10 – Easy Installation by Experts

The best double glazing companies will install your windows with ease, with no need to worry about mess and prolonged periods of working. By looking at UK double glazing companies, you will be able to not only find the best UK double glazing suppliers, but also the best deals. There are many benefits of double glazing, and so it is just a matter of selecting one of the best, and seeing how they can help you.


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