The World’s Most Secure Window Lock

Everest GrabLock: The Nation’s Most Secure Window Lock

Here at Best Double Glazing, we’re serious about window safety. When Everest released their groundbreaking new window lock earlier this year in partnership with Yale, our interest was piqued. Turns out their unique GrabLock blows every rival device out of the water.

What Is a GrabLock?

Everest is one of the UK’s premier home improvement innovators, and recently they set their minds to creating the most secure and stylish window lock on the market. To make that happen, they joined forces with Yale, probably the best-known lock and home security specialists in the country. After a lengthy period of design and testing, they revealed the end result: the GrabLock.

Everest didn’t just let the product stumble onto the market either – you might have seen their viral advert, where a full-sized grand piano was suspended from one of these single, small window locks? Aside from assuring the public that their new creation was actually capable of withstanding a pressure up to 600kg, the point of the advert was clear: no burglar is ever forcing open a GrabLocked window.

How It Works

With three times the locking surface area of any standard lock, the GrabLock is able to offer unrivalled security. It’s a cylindrical-shaped lock which rotates inside the window frame to bond with a “keep” inside the window, making it as subtle as it is strong. As for how it works on the user end, it’s just like any other window lock: push down a little button and twist the handle until it clicks.

Easy to lock, impossible to break.

Aesthetic Design

Though we don’t always admit it, us consumers like products which are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. With the GrabLock’s smooth casing, soft curves and sturdy feel, we’re forced to admit that Everest and Yale have hit this nail squarely on the head as well.

grab lock

Extensive Testing Passed with Flying Colours

It’s safe to say that Everest and Yale really put their new invention through the mill. The piano test, while clearly a publicity stunt, does also work as an astonishing test of the window lock’s strength. The lock was also subject to weather and corrosion tests to simulate worse-than-realistic climate conditions using salt spray and varied temperatures.

GrabLock smashed the British Security Standards PAS 24 test, which basically means it was found extremely difficult to break past. Using a machine arm, the GrabLock handle was also opened and closed 31,000 times – equivalent to four decades of continual use. It didn’t even wince.

Despite the incessant testing – way more than we’ve covered here – the GrabLock never faltered or gave its designers cause to worry. If you’re looking to keep your windows locked, you can’t do better than the GrabLock by Everest.

The Importance of Window Safety

While we all take care to lock our doors when we’re not around, some of us forget that we should be locking our windows too. An open window will always invite chance criminals, and if you’re out of the room for more than a few minutes, that’s enough time for theft. The same goes for closed windows – always use locks which are reliable and secure.

In the interest of protecting both your possessions and your family, you honestly can’t do better than GrabLock. With one of them installed, even a malicious grand piano couldn’t break into your home!