The Cost Of Double Glazing

If you’re ready to find out how much will double glazing cost on your home, fill out the form above for accurate quotes from reputable window companies.

To give you an average estimate:

Double glazing prices start at about £2,000 for a set of 4 uPVC windows and goes up depending on your home and specific needs.

However, to offset that price, you can expect to save up to £175 annually on your energy bills as soon as installation is complete (typically takes less than 1 week for full installation).

Along with high annual money savings, you’ll be able to enjoy benefits like:
  • Added home security
  • Reduced noise pollution
  • Increased home efficiency
  • Higher home value

What’s the Cost of Double Glazing?

To get a more accurate price estimate, let’s start with the UK’s most common window type: uPVC.

A uPVC casement double glazed window offers great value with a low cost and high efficiency rating, making it the first choice among many buyers.

Compare the overall cost of a 4-windowed flat to that of a detached home with 10 windows:
  • Flat (4 Windows): £2,150
  • Detached Home (10 Windows): £5,400
For a more in-depth price overview, take a look at the table below:


Consider the following factors, all of which affect the overall cost of installing double glazed windows:
  • Window style (Example: uPVC provides the lowest cost, whereas frames made of wood cost more)
  • Window Size
  • Material used (wood, aluminium, etc.)
  • Number of windows

High-Demand Window Styles :
  • Tilt turn
  • Dual turn (highest cost)
  • Casement (lowest cost)
  • Sash

Tips Before Installing Double Glazing :
  • Ask your window company for a discount if you’re having 6 or more windows installed at one time.
  • Consider triple glazing, which comes at a higher cost, but with added benefits. Ask your installation company if the benefits would be worth the cost for your home.

What Is The Cost Of uPVC Windows?

Consider the information below to determine which uPVC window style is right for your home and budget (information below represents average costs for buyers):
  • 60cm x 90cm Window:
    • Ground Floor Casement: Up to £570
    • Ground Floor Sash: Up to £1,050
    • 2nd Story Casement: Up to £625
    • 2nd Story Sash: Up to £1,140
  • 90cm x 120cm Window:
    • Ground Floor Casement: Up to £840
    • Ground Floor Sash: Up to £1,630
    • 2nd Story Casement: Up to £900
    • 2nd Story Sash: Up to £1,680
  • 120cm x 120cm Window:
    • Ground Floor Casement: Up to £895
    • Ground Floor Sash: Up to £1,650
    • 2nd Story Casement: Up to £960
    • 2nd Story Sash: Up to £1,815

Cost Of Aluminium Windows

Aluminium double glazing is typically more expensive than uPVC windows, but cheaper than wooden frames.

  • For the average 4 windowed flat, expect to pay between £2,600-£2,700 for aluminium windows.
  • For a detached home with up to 10 windows, expect to pay £10,000 and up.
Compare the cost of aluminium windows and installation (information below represents average costs for buyers):
  • 60cm x 90cm Window:
    • Ground Floor: Up to £605
    • 2nd Story: Up to £680
  • 90cm x 120cm Window:
    • Ground Floor: Up to £740
    • 2nd Story: Up to £800
  • 120cm x 120cm Window:
    • Ground Floor: Up to £880
    • 2nd Story: Up to £1,000

Of course, all prices above will vary based on your home and chosen window installation company. These prices will give you a general idea of what your final cost will be, but do plan for actual prices to be lower or higher in some cases.

To eliminate all questions, it’s best to contact window suppliers directly, as they can help determine specific needs for your home.

Use the quote form above to receive accurate quotes from trusted, professional double glazing window companies.

Tips for comparing double glazing costs:

  • Determine exactly how many windows you need installed before contacting double glazing suppliers.
  • Contact multiple trusted window companies before making a final decision.
  • Search for peer reviews to compare local window suppliers.
  • Ask to view examples of past work from companies you’re considering.

Why It’s Important To Compare Multiple Double Glazing Companies

Not only will you likely receive different price quotes from each company, you’ll also be able to determine which professionals will be able to install your windows within your specific time frame.

While many window shoppers solely consult the most well known best double glazing companies in the UK (Anglian, Everest, Safestyle), it’s also important to consider local providers. By doing so, there’s a high chance you’ll be able to secure a lower price on your windows and benefit from quicker installation.

Lastly, let the quality of customer service and professionalism you receive help you choose a company. Working with the suppliers you feel most comfortable with will serve you well now and in the future, should you ever need repairs or maintenance.

Look For GGF and FENSA Registration

The Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) is an industry authority that ensures best practices from window companies who make, sell, and install double glazing. If the company you choose boasts a GGF registration, you’ll know they set high standards for themselves and the windows they install on your home.

The Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme (FENSA) is a nonprofit set up in part by the GGF. When homeowners install or replace windows, doors, and roof lighting, they’re required to have an inspection performed to acquire a building regulation certificate. By using a window company with a FENSA registration, you won’t have to take the extra step of getting an inspection done; FENSA allows companies to “self-certify.”


Only Work With Trusted Companies

Trusted companies are ones who give accurate quotes on overall cost an installation time-frame.

We advise against working with companies who:
  • Give the impression of being overly “salesy.” If you feel as though you’re being pushed into making a rushed decision, consider looking elsewhere. Installing double glazing is an important investment; it’s a decision that requires time and thought in order to consider every option. If a company offers a quote that will expire after your conversation is over, use caution in proceeding.
  • Don’t offer past work examples or real customer reviews. If you can’t review a company’s past work or read actual words from real past customers, the company likely isn’t trustworthy. A company should always provide past work examples and customer testimonials for you to consider.
  • Don’t readily offer their physical address or phone number. If you find it difficult to speak directly to a customer representative, either face to face or over the phone, look elsewhere. Any supplier you work with should welcome office visits and phone calls from their customers. Keep this in mind.
  • Speak poorly of competitors. Always work with companies who exhibit a high level of professionalism. If a company asks which other suppliers you’re considering (and then badmouths them), move on. This isn’t a common scenario, but it does happen. If a company doesn’t exude professionalism from the start, it’s advisable to consider other options.

To get quick, hassle free quotes from trusted, professional double glazing companies, click this link to fill out a simple quote form. You’ll receive accurate estimates on double glazing costs for your home from some of the most reputable companies in the industry.

How Much Money Will Double Glazing Save Me?

This is generally the first thing that comes to mind when considering double glazing installation. The good news is, changing your home’s windows will make an immediate impact on your annual energy bill costs.

Factors That Affect Savings:
  • What type of windows do you currently have on your home?
    • If your current windows are of relatively high quality and efficiency, your total savings will likely be less drastic than they would be if switching to double glazing from poor quality, low efficiency rating windows. Expect to see savings regardless, but know that the current state of your windows will affect that final number.
  • What type of double glazed windows are you having installed?
    • If you’re going with the cheapest option and lowest efficiency rating, your annual energy bill will likely still benefit, but not as much compared to installing the highest quality windows with an A++ energy efficiency rating. The more you invest, the more you’ll save.
  • What’s the cost of your typical energy bill?
    • Do you have high average energy bills, or are they typically relatively low? If your energy bills tend to be on the higher side, expect more savings. If they’re already fairly low, expect savings that correlate.
  • How large is your home or flat, and is it detached?
    • Not surprisingly, the size and style of your home will directly affect the savings from double glazing installation. The larger the home, the more windows it will typically have, and the higher savings you’ll see. Similarly, a detached home will generally have more windows than a semi-detached home or flat. Consider the number and size of your windows to help determine your overall savings.


What Are The Benefits Outside Of Cost?

While most people decide to install double glazing in order to save money, there are other prominent benefits as well, like:
  • Increased home value:
    • Many home buyers these days specifically seek out properties with double glazing. By installing new double glazing, you’ll raise your home’s value and likely have an easier time selling down the road.
  • Decreased noise pollution:
    • Double glazing adds an entire second layer of glass, which greatly reduces the amount of noise you’ll hear indoors. Not only will outside traffic become quieter, but loud neighbors, air traffic noise, and barking dogs will no longer remain such a nuisance.
  • Added security:
    • Double glazing is noticeably harder to break into than single glazing. By installing these new windows, you’ll add an extra layer of security to your home and deter burglars looking for quick and easy entry.

Can I Get Cheap Double Glazing?

Before you decide to go with the cheapest option you find, consider the company’s reputability and registrations. Are they registered by the GFF and FENSA? Have they obtained the BFRC, or British Fenestration Rating Council’s, energy rating?

Make sure that by cutting on costs, you’re not decreasing overall quality and service, too.

The best option for getting cheap double glazing is to seek out companies who offer financing, sales, or promotions. You might be able to find 12 month financing programs with 0% APR, which is an excellent way to make double glazing more affordable.

Otherwise, sales are often run around holidays. Ask directly with the window company of your choice whether or not they have any sales coming up. You might be able to hold off for an upcoming deal you otherwise wouldn’t have known about.

Other Costs To Consider

If you’re shopping for double glazed windows, you’re likely wondering if there will be any added costs to your final bill.

While we’ve laid out average costs for you to consider, know that the following factors will affect your total price:
  • Window style (including frame and interior components)
  • Number of floors in your home
  • Overall size of your home
  • Supplier and installer you choose

The best way to accurately estimate the final cost of double glazing is by using the quote form to receive real price estimations from reputable companies.

Can I Buy My Windows And Have Them Installed By Another Company?

It is possible to buy your double glazed windows from one company and have them installed by another.

However, by doing so, you’ll encounter a major risk:
  • Buying your windows without professional measurements and fitting puts you at risk of choosing the wrong size (even if you try to accurately measure on your own). This can be an extremely costly mistake, and it’s best to let the professionals handle all measurements.

Tips For Understanding Your Quote

  1. After contacting multiple companies, ensure each quote represents the correct amount of windows you need and the same styles and sizes.
  2. Strongly consider eliminating quotes from companies who require large upfront purchases without ample time for you to decide. For example, companies who claim their offer will expire within the day are likely focused on quantity of sales, not quality of service.
  3. Go over all included costs with the company. Make sure prices reflect the exact type of window you want (and number of windows), and include costs of installation and any possible extras. Get the final total in writing, and make sure the company has indicated there will be no surprise costs after the contract has been agreed upon.

To get started on your double glazing installation, fill out the hassle-free quote form. You’ll get real quotes from well-trusted companies that will put you on your way to sizeable savings, year after year.