Home Insulation

Top Ten Home Insulation Ideas

Energy efficiency and home insulation have become a priority of both the government and the majority of homeowners over recent years. New builds are automatically being built with energy ratings in place; however, there is much that can be done for those living in older properties that require a little help. Insulating your home is something that will not only help keep it warmer for longer, and help the drain on the environmental side of things, but also reduce the cost of your energy bills. Here we have put together a list of ten home insulation ideas, ideal for helping you retain the heat in your home.

Home Insulation Ideas:

1 – Install Double Glazing

If you have not done so already, installing or updating your double glazing is a sure way to better insulate your home. UK double glazing companies often have deals that make new windows much more affordable that you may initially have thought, and the actual double glazing cost can be reaped through future cheaper energy bills. Whether it be doors or windows, or both, double glazing companies will be able to guide you on their high performing glazing. However, do not forget to check out double glazing prices from a range of suppliers – we have all the information on site required for choosing from the best UK double glazing companies.

2 – Prevent Door and Window Drafts

While you should always maintain a healthy level of ventilation, as well as ensure emergency exits are clear and accessible, much can be done to insulate the home through preventing door and window drafts. In terms of doors, this can be done both cheaply and effectively with the use of either an old-fashioned fabric draft excluder, or a flap that attaches to the bottom of the door. If you are losing heat through the side of the door, then a door curtain could be an effective quick fix for you.

3 – Use Curtain Lining

While on the topic of using curtains, lining curtains can make a massive difference to the home retaining heat. Many homeowners prefer blinds, and have curtains either for pure decoration (they never close them) or not at all. This may be enough when state of the art double glazing is fitted and the windows are insulation enough, however if you fear you are losing heat through your windows, try lining your curtains, and closing them in winter, and you will be sure to notice a difference. Opt for proper thick curtain lining, or a DIY approach is to stitch in fleece blankets as a backing.

4 – Prevent Drafts through the Floorboards

While stripped back flooring may be fashionable, an optimum amount of heat is lost through bare floorboards, resulting in a drafts and cold home. This can be counteracted somewhat through putting draft tape where needed underneath, such as between the boards, however it is not as efficient as actually laying flooring insulation (see below). Other DIY insulation ideas when it comes to preventing drafts through the flooring are rugs, or if poor flooring is causing many draft problems, consider underlay, and a carpet.

5 – Lay Floor Insulation

Having professional’s lay floor insulation is something to consider for insulating your home. This can be achieved through either raising your flooring, or (depending on pipework) installing insulation underneath the floorboards if the structure of your home allows.

6 – Get Loft Installation

Loft insulation can save a large amount of heat from escaping from you home – heat rises after all. Through installing insulation material to the boards and the rafters, a great difference can be made to how your home retains the heat.

7 – Get External Wall Insulation

This is otherwise known as Cavity Wall Insulation, and despite being a relatively expensive option, it is a popular choice for many homes. This is largely due to government schemes and readily available grants being offered for such work. This is only applicable where the walls have cavities however, and solid external walls cannot be treated in the same way. For example – houses that were built before the 1930’s were built with solid walls, and no cavities.

8 – Get Internal Wall Insulation

Internal Wall Insulation is a form of insulation that treats the internal walls of a property. The internal walls that the insulation is applied to are the inside of outside walls, and anyone considering installing new radiators, kitchen or bathroom suites should consider doing this at the same time. This can be carried out in a DIY capacity, but only by someone who understands the process and is able to deliver a finished job.  It can be done is quite a simple manner, through using a pre-treated insulated plasterboard. An alternative method to this type of internal wall insulation, is to use a soft insulation material inside a structural framework. This usually requires a professional.

9 – Wrap Your Hot Water Tank

You can also save money when it comes to energy bills by putting a specialised jacked on your hot water tank. By covering the hot water tank securely with an 80mm type jacket, up to 75% heat loss can be prevented, and it has been said that the fuel bill will reflect this in as little as 6 months. This will keep your water hotter for longer, and not require you to re-heat it so often.

10 – Deflect Heat

Deflecting heat through putting foil behind a radiator is an easy and inexpensive way of helping the home retain heat, especially when a radiator is on an outside wall. Specifically designed radiator deflectors can be purchased inexpensively, or there is an option to cover a piece of card in thick foil and place it behind the radiator in the same way. This will stop heat from the radiator being lost through the wall, deflecting it back into the room. Give it a try!

Undoubtedly, one of the main benefits of double glazing is better home insulation. Use our site to find the best double glazing companies, and double glazing prices, and see the possibility of installing new energy efficient windows in your home.

Conservatory Suppliers

Top 5 Conservatory Suppliers

Getting a conservatory built is a great consideration, and one what should not be taken lightly. When it comes to choosing a conservatory supplier, it is recommended that you do your research into the reputation of the company, as well as pricing. Even if you know what conservatory suppliers you are going to choose to purchase with, it is always a good idea to get around three quotes from a variety of companies, just to make sure that you are paying in the right ballpark. Quotations for the same product have been known to vary by thousands of pounds, so this will also give you some advantage if you wish to negotiate on price.

When getting a conservatory added to your home, you have the option of ordering directly from a conservatory supplier and erecting it yourself (or having a local builder do so), or going with a specialist conservatory company who will both provide and fit the conservatory. There are pros and cons to both, and it all depends on circumstance and the job in hand. A local builder with a good reputation will have other skills in addition to putting up a conservatory, and can help with customization of the build, as well as perhaps any interior work such as flooring or carpentry. Either way, safety certificates, planning permission, and guarantees should all be obtained and provided.

Here, we have put together a list of the top 5 conservatory suppliers in the UK:



UltraFrame are conservatory specialists and are considered a world leader when it comes to conservatory manufacture and design. Established in the 1980s, UltraFrame have been serving the UK for over 30 years, providing high-end conservatory and roofing solutions to over 1.5 million homes. They can cater to a variety of tastes and constraints, whether you are looking for something a little bit different, or require a solution to a difficultly shaped building.  They are also fully equipped to deal with planning permissions, and any other certification you may require. Ultraframe have an extensive range of double glazing and conservatory solutions, be sure to check out more information on their website.


Anglian supply double glazing products, including conservatories, manufactured here in Great Britain. With the exception of Ireland, they supply conservatories within the UK, and have an excellent reputation for high quality windows, doors and conservatories. Anglian are an established company who are well known for their double glazing products. Buying a conservatory from Anglian will ensure that you are supplied with a high-quality conservatory that will be fitted by experts. They often have conservatory price deals on too, and so it is always worth enquiring for a quote and to see if there are current offers available.


Everest have been serving the UK in terms of double glazing for over 50 years, and they remain firmly one of the nation’s favourites. With conservatories amongst the products that they offer, many people opt to get their conservatory from Everest. Everest offer a wide range of double glazed windows, doors and conservatories, all with top energy ratings of A and B. Whether the conservatory you are looking for is in UPVC or timber, they have a wide range on offer. Everest conservatory prices are competitive and they come with long-term guarantees too.  As a long serving UK double glazing company, Everest have vast experience in supplying and fitting conservatories all over the UK. If you would like to know more about Everest conservatory prices, be sure to apply for a quotation via their website.

Safestyle UK

Safestyle are a market leader in UK double glazing, and this includes conservatories of various kinds too. This successful company have expanded across the UK, and increased in popularity at the same time, making them a go-to company for conservatories. Whether you are looking for the best conservatory deals, or conservatory advice, check out the Safestyle UK website.


Weatherseal are one of the leading suppliers of conservatories in the UK. In addition to high quality conservatories and double glazing, their customer service comes highly regarded. If you are looking for conservatory quotes and best prices, visit the Weatherseal website and see what they have on offer.

While we have listed our top five conservatory suppliers in the UK here, there are hundreds of established conservatory suppliers across the country you can choose to work with. When you are looking for the best conservatory deals, be sure to get some quotes from local firms as well as the larger national companies.

If you do decide to go with a local builder, you have the option of ordering a conservatory yourself from a supplier and allowing them to fit it, or looking at the brochures they may have from their recommended suppliers. If you do choose to get a conservatory from or fitted by a smaller local firm, be sure to check out their credentials in advance. They should have the necessary insurance, as well as associated building standards certificates.  Speak with some of their previous clients, and check out some of their previous work. You can also check out their online reputation to get an all-round impression of the standard of their business and workmanship.

Even if you decide to get a conservatory from a large nationwide double glazing company, it is still worth getting a few quotes from different conservatory companies to ensure that you are getting the best price.

Top Ten Benefits of Double Glazing

The benefits of double glazing, as the best double glazing companies will tell you, is that installing quality doors and windows in your home both a short term and a long term gain. Most people nowadays do not think twice about fitting double glazing, however if you are looking for reasons to have double glazing, we have put together a top ten for you here.

Top Ten Benefits of Double Glazing

1 – Double Glazing is More Secure

Due to the fact that there are two panes of glass, double glazing is automatically more secure than single pane windows, with two panes of glass being obviously more difficult to breakthrough. However, the increased window security you get from the best double glazing companies is something that comes from high quality windows in a modern up to date design. They are not only difficult to smash and break through, but almost impossible to open from the outside, or remove from their location without a lot of disturbance. Secured By Design (SBD) is the official police security initiative that double glazing UK companies should adhere to. When considering the double glazing best deals, ensure that the company is compliant with security standards.

2 – Save on Energy Usage

Good double glazing, expertly fitted, will noticeably help save on heating bills, allowing the home to retain the heat in a much more efficient way. Your thermostat can be comfortably set as you wish, and it will save your energy usage due to the fact that you will not be losing heat through the windows. This will increase the thermal performance of your building as a whole, though not only allowing the retention of heat, but also eliminating drafts. The Energy Saving Trust is a body that gives impartial energy saving advice to homeowners, and endorses products, from boilers to windows. This association is something to look out for when researching double glazing prices and the benefits of double glazing.

3 – Condensation Reduction and Elimination

Condensation on windows can quickly become a nightmare for homeowners. The benefits of double glazing include the warmer temperature being maintained on the inside on the property, therefore it is not meeting the cold air from the outside, resulting in a massive reduction in condensation. This means that the usual fogging up of the windows and formation of condensation does not occur, or occurs only minimally. This in turn means that there will be virtually no mould or damp around the windows, the frames and the sills, which is a knock on effect of having condensation.

4 – Long Term Durability

The best double glazing suppliers will provide the homeowner with a guarantee after fitting windows or doors, often a lifetime guarantee of a minimum of 20 years. The durability of double glazing is down to not only expert fitting, but also superior manufacture and materials. In addition to this, because they help prevent condensation, window frame and sills will have a much longer life, free from damp and potential rot. This makes double glazing cost effective.

5 – Keep Noise Pollution Out

A double glazed house, with high quality fitted glazing, will experience a noticeable sound proofing to the home. The benefits of double glazing insulates against street noise, traffic, and other noise pollution, and is an ideal solution to anyone living on a busy road or on a flight path. It will reduce wind and weather noise too, ensuring a quieter home, day or night.

6 – Easy To Maintain Windows

Because of the unlikelihood of condensation and mould problems, double glazing is extremely easy to maintain and indeed is one of the many benefits of double glazing. The frames wipe clean, whether they are made from UPVC or timber, and you are able to select a design that allows you to clean the outside of the upstairs windows yourself if you so desire. Double glazed windows are not just easy to clean and maintain, but because of their durability they are unlikely to present any problems, or need replaced, for a very long time.

7 – Give the Property a New Look

Double glazing not only gives a smart modern finish to a property, but it can also update a period home while still in keeping with the overall style. UK double glazing companies are able to work with the design aesthetic of your home, and help select the best option for you and your property. New windows will give a smart appearance, both inside and out.

8 – Increase the Value of your Home

Installing up to date new double glazing in a property is a sure way to add value. Because of the long-term guarantee and the known durability of the windows, it is something that both an estate agent and buyers alike will notice favorably. Have a look for double glazing prices and double glazing companies reviews to select the best company, and ask for a free quote.

9 – No Planning Permission Required

Unlike many property alterations that can be carried out, windows are a simple one. Aside from in listed buildings, as a homeowner you are free to select and install double glazing of your choice. Have a look around at double glazing suppliers and what they offer, you will be sure to find something that will enhance both the look and feel of your home.

10 – Easy Installation by Experts

The best double glazing companies will install your windows with ease, with no need to worry about mess and prolonged periods of working. By looking at UK double glazing companies, you will be able to not only find the best UK double glazing suppliers, but also the best deals. There are many benefits of double glazing, and so it is just a matter of selecting one of the best, and seeing how they can help you.


Whether you are looking for UK double glazing companies, or double glazing best deals, be sure to check out the articles on our site – we have done the research for you, making it easy to find the right company for you.

Top Ten Double Glazing Windows Solutions

Windows solutions, when it comes to selecting the best double glazing solutions for your property can be tricky. The type of windows and doors that will suit your property the best will depend on a number of factors, including the style of them, be it sash, or casement, or tilt turn for example. Another aspect to consider is the material, be it UPVC, or timber, or aluminium, the latter available in a variety of colours. Homeowners will likely also consider the double glazing cost, and want to seek out the best double glazing deals.

While the majority of windows solutions are secure and energy efficient, and this is what matters most, it is style of double glazing windows that people tend to go for after this. UK double glazing windows by reputable manufacturers will likely come meeting the British Security Standard, making them secure and virtually burglar proof. The BFRC stands for British Fenestration Rating Council, and windows are given an energy efficiency rating known as a BFRC energy rating. A+ is the most efficient on the scale, and so you should be looking for at least a B rating. G is the lowest rating, and signifies the least energy efficient.

So, what double glazing windows solutions are the best?

This will depend on the style of your property, and the style of the windows you are replacing. It is important to install a similar style when replacing windows, or seek an expert opinion if you want to change. We have put together a list of our top ten double glazing windows, and we include double glazing solutions in terms of material, and window style.

UPVC Frames

UPVC double glazing windows solutions are low cost in comparison to other kinds such as timber. They are also the most common types of windows for modern and conventional homes, as they are not only affordable, but are lightweight, quick to install and easy to maintain. The frames are usually white, and this might not suit the aesthetic of some homes, but largely, they give a property a clean and fresh modern look. All UK double glazing companies supply UPVC windows, so be sure to check out our double glazing companies reviews, and double glazing prices.

Timber Frames

Wooden framed double glazing has an attractive appearance, and they are made from a natural, renewable and recyclable material. Timber windows are however more expensive, and in the long term they are less durable than UPVC. They may also require some ongoing maintenance during their lifetime. If you have a period property however, or the type of home that you would prefer timber windows for, be sure to check out the best double glazing deals for timber double glazing.

Aluminium Frames

Aluminium double glazing is a popular choice too, and this is largely due to the amount of colours and finishes available. Aluminium windows do tend to be more common in commercial settings, but some homeowners favour them also. To check out the double glazing cost for Aluminium windows, check out double glazing companies reviews.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are hugely popular in the majority of homes, mostly due to their ability to be fitted in all sorts of sizes. They are attached to the frame with hinges, making them practical, yet at the same time they are extremely secure. They are available in a variety of finishes, as well as being energy efficient. If you want to check Everest double glazing prices, or any other double glazing costs, you can do so through our website.

Sash Windows

Sash windows are traditional windows that involve two window sections that slide up and down. Typically used in Georgian and Victorian properties, they are a common feature of a period house or flat. Traditionally, sash windows would have been timber framed, however UPVC sash windows are now available at a fraction of the cost. When replacing sash windows, the change in material from timber is something worth considering.

Cottage Windows

Cottage style windows solutions are another type of window that is usually found in period homes, and are also known as Tudor windows. Consisting of vertical and horizontal strips, cottage windows not only look the part (be them in timber, UPVC or aluminium) but they are also an excellent design when it comes to conserving energy. Double Glazing companies are able to offer these styles of windows in many timbers, and other less expensive materials.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are a beautiful feature in mainly older homes. Victorian properties, and many more have bay windows, that make a real feature both inside and outside the home. Most double glazing companies can accommodate all shapes of bay windows.

Tilt & Turn Windows

Tilt and Turn windows open inwards, ideal for easy cleaning and maintenance. These type of windows are more expensive than the standard casement style windows, however their locking mechanism is said to be more secure. These come mostly in UPVC, however other finishes are available. Contact the best double glazing companies to find out more about double glazing prices.

Dual Turn Windows

Dual Turn windows are a modern window design that both look attractive, and perform well in terms of security and energy efficiency. Both sash components of the windows can fully turn to allow for ease of cleaning and maintenance, as well as act as an emergency exit. UPVC is the cheapest option, however other framing finishes are available. If you are looking for dual turn windows and the best double glazing deals, wee our website for more.

French Windows

While not suitable for an entire property, French windows are an excellent double glazing solution when it comes to patio doors, kitchen doors, or balcony doors. French doors in UPVC are extremely secure, and an energy efficient solution for your home. Where perhaps you currently have a window, French doors could be I installed.

Whatever you windows solutions might been to be, just fill in the form above and talk about your needs to someone that can help.

Top 10 Double Glazing Companies

The best double glazing companies are determined by a number of factors, and despite a company being one of the best double glazing suppliers, there can still be problems from time to time. When looking for double glazing prices and the best deals, bear in mind that the cheapest may not always be the best. It is always best to research double glazing companies reviews, and see what their reputation as a whole is like.

Rather than the windows themselves, most complaints tend to be surrounding the clarity of information provided when it comes to contracts, and it taking longer to install than expected. It is therefore often a good idea to factor in extra time for the installation. Other things that may go wrong include scratches to the frames or difficulty locking for example, but these types of problems are minimal, especially from a reputable supplier.

We want to make it easy for you searching for double glazing companies reviews. The best double glazing companies have their windows energy efficiency rated by The Energy Saving Trust, and security validated by Secured By Design (SBD), the official police security initiative. Websites which provide customer feedback ratings, such as TrustPilot, and that carry out independent research, such as Which?, have helped us compile our researched list of the best double glazing companies. These are in no particular order, and give an overview of the best UK double glazing companies.


Anglian pride themselves in all their products being made in Britain, and they cover the majority of the UK, with the exception of Ireland. With a wide range of double glazing, secondary glazing and triple glazing, they are one of the UK’s popular double glazing companies. Whether it is windows, doors, porches or conservatories that you are looking for, Anglian will offer you choices that are sure to suit your needs. UPVC windows or timber, they have an extensive range, and offer excellent A and B energy rated glass.

If you would like to know more about the double glazing cost from Anglian, get in touch with them through their website.


Everest have been a household name when it comes to windows for a long time, and have been in business since the mid-1960s. Although they do not cover Ireland, they do cover the rest of the UK, including Jersey.

Everest offer a massive range of windows and doors, double glazing and secondary glazing, in a number of energy ratings too. You can choose from UPVC, timber or aluminium windows, and pick from an extensive range of finishes too. Everest double glazing prices are competitive and they come with long-term guarantees too.  As a long serving UK double glazing company, Everest have fitted windows in literally millions of homes. If you would like to know more about Everest double glazing prices, be sure to apply for a quotation via their website.


Zenith operate predominantly in the South of England and Wales, and are another UK double glazing company that has been going strong since the 1960s. Specialising in UPVC windows, they are proud to offer the patented Ectotherm, a rated window technology that uses recycled UPVC. Offering “A” rated windows with a 10-year guarantee, Zenith are one of the best double glazing companies and have a good online reputation.

Safestyle UK

Safestyle have rapidly expanded across England and Wales since the early 1990s, and now have over 40 branches nationwide. Regarded as one of the market leaders, they specialise in installing UPVC windows, and are considered the number one when it comes to UPVC double glazing.

Safestyle provide a range of window styles, including Casement, Sash and Bay, each that come with energy rated A ‘Eco Diamond Range’ glass. UPVC windows are affordable, easy to maintain and recyclable. For Safestyle double glazing prices, apply for a free quote.

A&B Glass Group

A&B Glass Group provide a wide range of glazing solutions for homeowners, as well as commercial projects. With an extensive range, covering modern UPVC, to period style windows, A&B Glass Group are one of the market leaders in UK double glazing. As an actual UPVC window manufacturer, with two plants, you can be sure that the quality of the double glazing they supply will be second to none.


Penicuik have a variety of ongoing double glazing deals for homeowners across the UK, and provide windows, doors and conservatories. Known for their competitive double glazing prices, all products come with at least a 10-year guarantee. For more information on Penicuik double glazing, be sure to visit their website and see what they have to offer.


Weatherseal pride themselves in offering state of the art energy efficient windows. They also offer a variety of excellent double glazing deals throughout the year, offering competitive double glazing prices. Whether you are looking for double glazing best deals, or a reputable UK double glazing company, Weatherseal will certainly be able to help.

CR Smith

CR Smith are a household name in Scotland, and have been established for over 100 years. They manufacture and fit double glazing across Scotland and have an excellent reputation. Known from both television advertising and premiership football sponsorship, CR Smith are a go-to name for double glazing companies in Scotland. If you would like to find out more about their double glazing prices, then get in touch via their website.

Safe Choice

Safe Choice have a number of showrooms, allowing customers to go in at their convenience and talk face to face, seeing a variety samples up close. Their UPVC products, be it windows or doors, all meet safety and security standards, as well as environmental regulations. To find out where your nearest Safe Choice showroom is, visit their website.

Shop Local

For number 10, we have decided to give a shout out for local double glazing companies. There are many excellent UK double glazing companies around the UK who operate on a small local scale. Most of them purchase their glazing from the top double glazing suppliers in the country, and providing you check out their credentials through word of mouth, previous work, and online reputation, they could offer the best double glazing deals for you.

Why Choose Aluminium Windows

Aluminium double glazing windows have fast become the popular choice when it comes to windows, conservatories and other glazing for homes and business. Aluminium itself is actually an environmentally friendly material, which makes it an excellent choice for windows, as we move forward into the future. It is a modern material, and incredibly versatile, coming in many colour ways and styles. Aluminium windows far outlast timber in terms of durability, as they are non-flammable, do not rot or rust, and provide an incredibly strong structure.

Practical Reasons to Choose Aluminium Windows

There is a long list of practical reasons why one would chose Aluminium windows, from their high quality, to their durability. Aluminium is an amazingly practical material, and it is an affordable one too. Here we demonstrate some of the practical benefits of Aluminium for glazing;

Durable – Aluminium is a durable material that gives windows and glazing a long reliable life. It is a strong material that makes it perfect for windows, as it means that it does not bend through wear, nor does it rot or rust the way other materials used for finishing glazing might. These strong qualities make it a popular choice for both homeowners and commercial buildings.

Low Maintenance – Using Aluminium for windows creates a low maintenance finish, due to the durability and them not rotting or rusting. This means they do not require any special treatments on a seasonal basis, nor are they likely to need replacing as often as others such as timber frames.

Protection – Aluminium windows will help protect against noise pollution from the outside, as well as the cold weather. They protect against the wind, rain and cold, as well as providing insulating properties from the inside, helping inside the building retain heat. In addition to this, they are also protected against fire damage, due to the non-flammable nature of the material.

Low cost, high quality – In terms of quality to cost ratio, Aluminium windows are superb value. They provide a high quality choice of glazing finish material, for a far lower cost than anything else that would provide the same benefits.

Aesthetic Reasons to Choose Aluminium Windows

Aluminium is a versatile material that can be applied to a number of designs, be it glazing for conservatories, doors or windows. Because of this flexible nature in design, and the fact it can be prepared in a wide variety of beautiful colours, it is a glazing material that is ever growing in popularity. It is also favoured by glaziers and those who build conservatories, due to the easiness it has to work with.

Adapt to any style – Whether you have a traditional style of home, perhaps period or even a listed building, Aluminium windows can be fitted to your building in the style of your choosing. As well as this, Aluminium windows and conservatories can lend themselves to a clean contemporary style, suiting a wide variety of modern building styles.

Available in many colours – Whether you want a matt black finish, a shiny chrome, or a power blue touch to your glazing, Aluminium windows come in a wide variety of finishes and colours. This is another benefit to having this as the versatile finish to your glazing.

Aluminium is used to frame the windows, and takes nothing away from the actual window itself. You can still choose gothic styles or lead lines, or whatever design features that take your fancy. Glazers provide a wide range of bespoke window options, and aluminium material to frame them is just one of them.

What Makes Aluminium Windows Environmentally Friendly?

In today’s times when the earth’s resources are getting lower, it is vital that we look for alternative materials for building. This is what makes aluminium windows so good. They are environmentally friendly because aluminium is 100% recyclable, therefore do not contribute to the tonnes of landfill that is added to on a weekly basis. Not only this, they are good at keeping out the cold, and insulating the home, driving down heating use, which is another positive aspect for the environment. In addition to this, their durability means that the need replacing less, again cutting down on the waste from the product as a whole.

100% Recyclable – Aluminium can be recycled, completely, which is a big plus for both companies and homeowners alike when it comes to making the choice. People like to be as green as they can when it comes to choosing building materials, and so Aluminium glazing is always a good choice.

Reduce landfill – Thanks to the durability of Aluminium glazing, they last a long time. The fact that they are fire proof, rust proof, and are so strong they live a long life without being replaced, they can help reduce the amount of discarded glazing materials that go to landfill. In addition to this, the fact that the material can be recycled is another ways that Aluminium reduces landfill.

The Benefits of Aluminium Windows

To summarise the benefits of aluminium windows:

  • Aluminium is strong and durable for windows and conservatories.
  • Aluminium does not rust or rot when used in glazing.
  • It is a non-flammable material, therefore safe from spreading fire.
  • It is available in a variety of colours and finishes.
  • It is a high quality material at an affordable price.
  • Aluminium windows are practical and low maintenance.
  • They keep the weather out and the heat inside.
  • They help shut out outside noise and keep the inside quiet and comfortable.
  • They are a long lasting glazing option.
  • They are environmentally friendly windows.

Aluminium is used as a glazing choice, alongside timber finish and uPVC, however the benefits it gives for the lower cost far outweighs its competitors. As a practical and strong material, it is available in all sorts of shades and styles. There really are not any obvious downsides to Aluminium windows, with the benefits forming a strong case for choosing them as a glazing option.

Energy Efficient Windows

Should you invest in energy efficient windows?

On average we lose, around a third of our home’s heating energy through doors and windows each and every year. With such a great loss, many of us consider switching to more energy efficient windows, but may not know where to begin. While energy efficient windows can save you money in the long run and help the environment, they may require an initial investment.

To help you choose the best windows for your homes, you can rely on the British Fenestration Ratings Council (BFRC) efficiently rating. This was designed to keep consumers in the know, and have an authorised retailer scheme so that you can buy in confidence.

The BFRC energy rating system

This energy rating system helps you make better buying decisions as it rates windows on a scale to tell how energy efficient they are. This scale ranges from A-G, with A being the best. If you see a window that has been rated A-C, then it can carry the Energy Saving Recommended label, which is the top category.

The system measures three main elements: heat loss, air leakage and how hot the home will get because of how much sunlight a window lets in. The better the window performs in each of these tests, the higher the rating on the BFRC scale.

It is not just the window itself that is rated, but the frame too. This is good as it means a poorly designed frame will not impact how energy efficient your window is.

What are the benefits?

If you decide you would like switch, there are many benefits of choosing energy efficient windows. The most impact will be found in your monthly energy bills. If you currently have single glazing windows, where heat can escape at a higher rate, this reduction in cost will be even more present as double-glazing traps more heat in your home and keeps cold air outside.

By choosing energy efficient windows, your home will also be much quieter, especially if you live near a main road or have loud neighbours. The peace and quiet can add to the cosiness of your house, and there will be less droughts and cold spots.

Another benefit is the reduction of condensation that gathers on the windows, as energy efficient double-glazing combats this. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that your windows will grow in price the higher rated they are in the energy ratings. Although investing now in a higher rated window can save you money on your heating bills in the long run.

Should you invest?

So, should you invest in energy efficient windows? Well, if you can afford the initial cost and would like to save money long-term whilst helping the environment, I would say go for it. There are loads of benefits to be had, and the only real downside is the initial cost of buying the windows. What are you waiting for?