Top 10 Double Glazing Companies

The Top 10 Double Glazing Companies to Watch in 2017

The best double glazing companies are always going to be challenged by smaller, leaner competitors. Many things can make companies rise to the top of their game, and others fall. 2017 has seen many challenges already in terms of the Brexit fall-out, and the low exchange rate for the British Pound. The companies who will be on top next year are not as easy to predict as just looking at where they are now. Nevertheless, here we have put together a list of our top 10 double glazing companies to watch in 2017, based on our own opinions of product range, reputation, and all round current company success.

1 – Prefix Systems

Last year, in 2016, Prefix Systems bought another company called Pavilion Systems. This has seen them significantly expand across the country to (at the time of writing) five large premises. Prefix Systems supply highly recommended products including WARMroof solid roof which is one of the best available, lantern roofs, aluminium windows, Verandah, Opus glazing solutions, and much more. They have many double glazing products that set them apart from other UK double glazing companies. Prefix Systems have expanded across the UK and supply excellent quality products, and we can only see them expanding further and doing great things in 2017 and beyond. We think Prefix Systems is a double glazing company to watch.

Prefix Systems Website

2 – Morley Glass

Morley Glass gained bigger premises in recent times and so 2017 has seen them expand the amount of double glazing products they can supply. They are also now the largest producer of ScreenLine® blinds in the world. As well as the blinds, the are producing glazing solutions of many kinds, including windows, roofs and doors. We expect Morley Glass to only grow from strength to strength following their recent move and success with being the largest supplier of specialist blinds. We believe they are a double glazing company to watch, and anyone interested in double glazing windows and blinds should check out their range.

Morley Glass Website

3 – Polyframe

This double glazing company, Polyframe, recently bought up the company WB Group, and also entered into a deal with Stevenswood. They were certainly creating a buzz throughout 2016, and we suspect there is more to come. This has made Polyframe a powerful glazing firm, and there may very well be other UK glazing companies they are keen to buy in 2017 and beyond. When a company buys up other companies, they can very quickly grow and their offerings and success can more than double. These business moves have set Polyframe on the map, and we are keen to see what moves they make next.

Polyframe Website

4 – Ultraframe

Ultraframe are a UK glazing company, and are the largest conservatory roof makers in the country. They have faced competition over the years from other double glazing companies, and still do, but they have managed to stay on top, supplying conservatories and conservatory roofs across the country. UltraRoof380 is a conservatory roof product that they have recently launched, and it will be interesting to see how this affects their business and reputation as they move forward. They do have other glazing products that are still as popular today as when they launched, which are the Cornice gutter cladding and the LivinRoom internal detail. They are a double glazing company who embrace technology and other companies would class them as ones to watch.

Ultraframe Website

5 – DW3 Products Group

The DW3 Products Group consists of Solidor, Residence Collection and Window Widgets, altogether. The DW3 Products Group have seen sales increase in a great ways, as well as offering home owners interesting and new double glazing products for their properties. Between the companies within the group, we have the best in composite doors, as well as some of the best double glazed windows and doors solutions in the country. Anyone looking for new ideas within the UK double glazing market should look to the DW3 Products group and see what technology and design they are embracing for 2017.

DW3 Products Group Website

6 – Synseal

In 2016, Synseal bought up a few smaller companies, included in what they purchased was Masterdor. The double glazing company Synseal have recently brought out a new lantern roof, which installers of conservatories and extensions can use. They also have their own range of double glazed hybrid aluminium windows, doors and bi-folding doors, called WarmCore. We have them on our list because we think their product range is excellent, and can only grow to become better.

Synseal Website.

7 – Roseview Windows

Roseview Windows make one of the best modern double glazed sash windows on the market. These are UPVC sash windows that have won awards, they are so good. Roseview Windows are not a very well known company, even though their windows are said to be the best sash windows in the UK. Sash windows have become more and more popular amongst homeowners getting new windows fitted, because now they can be made in a modern material like UPVC, they can provide benefits such as warmth and soundproofing, as well as last a lot longer than wooden sash windows would. UPVC sash windows are not only popular amongst those with older properties and period homes, but many people want them fitted to their homes so they can have a double glazed window that is a bit different. Because of the new popularity of sash windows, we think that Roseview Windows are a company who are going to grow, and become a well known name.

Roseview Website

8 – Customade

Customade are experts when it comes to aluminium windows. Residential aluminium double glazing has a lot to offer the homeowner, and because of this they have become more and more popular as a double glazing solution for homes. Customade won an award in the 2016 National Fenestration Awards, winning the Aluminium Company category, which shows the respect for their product. Customade have been working on making aluminium windows as easy as possible for installers to fit. As well as aluminium double glazing, this UK company also are well known and respected for their lantern roofs for double glazed extensions and conservatories.

Customade Website

9 – Iso-Chemie

Iso-Chemie produce window and door foam sealants. The double glazing industry has seen new technology come up with excellent new solutions for sealing windows and doors, and these products are as large a part of fitting windows and doors in the double glazing industry as the glazing is. Because of their excellent reputation for double glazing sealants, we predict that Iso-Chemie is a company who will grow.

Iso-Chemie Website

10 – TruFit

TruFit is part of the Edgetech UK family. TruFit are another company, like Iso-Chemie, that supply excellent sealants to those installing double glazed windows and doors. They take the way they work, and how easy they are to use, extremely seriously, and because of this, their sealants are a product that window and door fitters are keen to use. We think TruFit are a company who will be helped to stay on top thanks to their double glazing sealants.

TruFit Website