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Top 5 Double Glazing Ideas for 2017

2017 has seen many double glazing trends emerge, with many more months left for them to flourish through the year and into 2018. Here we have put together our list of the most popular double glazing ideas for 2017.

1. Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows have made a comeback, this time in residential buildings. Aluminium has many benefits, such as durability, low maintenance, and an eco friendly nature. Aluminium double glazing is not just used for windows, but bi-folding doors too. Bi-folding doors have become very popular in people’s homes either between the outside and in, or to divide up rooms. Aluminium double glazing is excellent value for money, however it is not the cheapest form of double glazing on the market. Nevertheless, the benefits far outweigh the costs, and people are choosing them for their new double glazing in their home and business properties.

2.Coloured Double Glazing

Double glazing frames have always been offered in a small range of basic shades, however, now we are seeing a wide range of custom colours become available. Previously, white or brown were the usual options, but now there is a choice of modern colours of all kinds to choose from. Aluminium double glazing is one of the materials that is easily coloured for double glazing, which is another reason why it has become so popular. It is inexpensive, and an easy process, to spray a wide range of colours onto the double glazing frames. People are choosing custom colours for double glazing in their home, making the outside of their home look more unique and appealing.

3.Double Glazing for Sash Windows

Sash windows are the type of windows most often found on period properties, or those that are of some age. Double glazing in sash windows for old buildings have not been so easy to source up until now, and in the past have been either costly or not as effective as other types of double glazing. But now we are seeing great things in the sash window double glazing market, and more companies are offering a traditional looking window, but made in modern efficient materials. The person installing sash windows supplied by a double glazing company is now able to get a solid weather-tight window, that looks in keeping with the old style property. You can get such double glazing in UPVC, timber or aluminium, and this style has been keeping up with the trends of 2017 too, providing custom coloured window frames.

4.Composite Front Doors

A composite front door is affordable, strong, durable and does the job. This is why it is still one of the most popular choices for people buying a new front door, double glazed where need be. This type of front door is available to match in with the double glazing windows on the house, and the style can be chosen from a vast catalogue of designs. It will keep the weather out, soundproof the home from outside noise, and act as a security measure to keep burglars out. This is an allround great front door, here to stay in 2017 and beyond.

5.Triple Glazing

A step up from double glazing is triple glazing. Many in the industry see little point in triple glazing, arguing that the expense does not give much more benefit in return, from top of the range double glazing. But, triple glazing is on the market, and prices are coming down, which means more and more homes will be installing it.

These are just some of the trends we have noticed throughout 2017 so far when it comes to double glazing. Double glazing is a market which continues to grow and evolve, and is always bringing out new things. We like to report what is new and popular in windows and doors, so be sure to visit our site for up to date news and articles.

Bonus Trend – Extensions with Lantern Roofs

Extensions are really popular on homes, both double glazed extensions and conservatories. This in turn has made lantern style roofs more and more popular. Both newly built extensions are being fitted with lantern roofs, and those which are being repaired or refurbished. Lantern roofs are strong, energy efficient and look stylish.

window safety

Window Safety

window safety

You Should be Locking Your Windows, Not Just Your Doors

Nobody leaves for their daily commute through the kitchen window. Doors are the main point of entry everywhere we go: houses, cars, buses, restaurants. We’re programmed to always lock the door because, in our heads, it’s the last line of defence between our valuables and thieves.

Unfortunately, breaking-and-entering through windows is almost as popular as through doors.

A Locked Window Is a Major Deterrent

The vast majority of residential burglars will aim for empty houses and quiet entries. Few will decide to forced a locked window as a point of entry. While statistics suggest that neighbours are unlikely to respond to a window breaking, it remains a huge risk.

Over a quarter of household robberies involve entering through an unfastened or even wide-open window. If there’s an open window at 2am, someone with a soft tread could easily enter your home, and perhaps multiple different rooms, for a prolonged period without causing you to stir in your sleep.

By simply locking the window securely at night, you will drastically reduce your chances of falling victim to robbery. As an extra layer of security, remember that double glazing prices are very affordable these days, and their extra toughness will make the window harder to break if someone should try to force entry.

In the simple words of the UK police force: good window locks and strong deadlocks can make a big difference. And they’re right.

Where to Install Window Locks

Most break-ins to private homes follow at least minor surveillance of the property. If a thief knows that you’re not in, they will happily take the time to climb up one or two stories to an unsecured window. For that reason, all windows must be adequately protected.

It’s not unusual to use a fence, a child’s swing, a ladder or even an overhanging tree in order to gain access to a property.

Practise Constant Awareness

While it may be easier said than done, effective window safety involves understanding that if you aren’t in a room, and the window is open, then someone else could be. Most burglaries last less than ten minutes, and a spontaneous thief could sweep up a bag full of prized possessions with just sixty seconds in your room.

While one of the benefits of double glazing is extra retained heat, in summer, we might be tempted to keep the window open for hours at a time. Try to avoid this unless you’re regularly moving around the house.

Protect Your Home With Proper Equipment

There’s a lot to be said for jumping at bargain prices for non-essential items, but when it comes to window safety, never prioritise cost over quality. The Everest GlabLock was designed in partnership with Yale, the UK lock specialists. It probably offers the best combination of security and affordability out of everything else on today’s market, making it a strong contender for your windows.

The GrabLock

If you have it, one major benefit of double glazing is that the GrabLock is designed to be used with exactly that window design. As one of the best double glazing companies in the country, we only recommend the strongest and most secure window locks. Being strong enough to support a full-sized grand piano on its own, this lock is virtually impenetrable by anyone, even with specialised tools.

Start Securing Your Home Today

People often ask “what’s the point of locking something made out of glass?”, and I hope we’ve made it resoundingly clear why it’s not only important, but critical. It’s true that a determined (and reckless) thief could still smash a locked, double-glazed window, but only a tiny minority of criminals would ever try.

Another benefit of using secure window locks is peace of mind. Especially for those who have experienced theft before, strong window locks can help you sleep more easily, with less worry about your possessions or the wellbeing of your family.

If you want your home to be safe, then embrace the minor investment and get your windows secured.


The World’s Most Secure Window Lock

Everest GrabLock: The Nation’s Most Secure Window Lock

Here at Best Double Glazing, we’re serious about window safety. When Everest released their groundbreaking new window lock earlier this year in partnership with Yale, our interest was piqued. Turns out their unique GrabLock blows every rival device out of the water.

What Is a GrabLock?

Everest is one of the UK’s premier home improvement innovators, and recently they set their minds to creating the most secure and stylish window lock on the market. To make that happen, they joined forces with Yale, probably the best-known lock and home security specialists in the country. After a lengthy period of design and testing, they revealed the end result: the GrabLock.

Everest didn’t just let the product stumble onto the market either – you might have seen their viral advert, where a full-sized grand piano was suspended from one of these single, small window locks? Aside from assuring the public that their new creation was actually capable of withstanding a pressure up to 600kg, the point of the advert was clear: no burglar is ever forcing open a GrabLocked window.

How It Works

With three times the locking surface area of any standard lock, the GrabLock is able to offer unrivalled security. It’s a cylindrical-shaped lock which rotates inside the window frame to bond with a “keep” inside the window, making it as subtle as it is strong. As for how it works on the user end, it’s just like any other window lock: push down a little button and twist the handle until it clicks.

Easy to lock, impossible to break.

Aesthetic Design

Though we don’t always admit it, us consumers like products which are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. With the GrabLock’s smooth casing, soft curves and sturdy feel, we’re forced to admit that Everest and Yale have hit this nail squarely on the head as well.

grab lock

Extensive Testing Passed with Flying Colours

It’s safe to say that Everest and Yale really put their new invention through the mill. The piano test, while clearly a publicity stunt, does also work as an astonishing test of the window lock’s strength. The lock was also subject to weather and corrosion tests to simulate worse-than-realistic climate conditions using salt spray and varied temperatures.

GrabLock smashed the British Security Standards PAS 24 test, which basically means it was found extremely difficult to break past. Using a machine arm, the GrabLock handle was also opened and closed 31,000 times – equivalent to four decades of continual use. It didn’t even wince.

Despite the incessant testing – way more than we’ve covered here – the GrabLock never faltered or gave its designers cause to worry. If you’re looking to keep your windows locked, you can’t do better than the GrabLock by Everest.

The Importance of Window Safety

While we all take care to lock our doors when we’re not around, some of us forget that we should be locking our windows too. An open window will always invite chance criminals, and if you’re out of the room for more than a few minutes, that’s enough time for theft. The same goes for closed windows – always use locks which are reliable and secure.

In the interest of protecting both your possessions and your family, you honestly can’t do better than GrabLock. With one of them installed, even a malicious grand piano couldn’t break into your home!

home insulation

Top Ten Home Insulation Ideas

Energy efficiency and home insulation have become a priority of both the government and the majority of homeowners over recent years. New builds are automatically being built with energy ratings in place; however, there is much that can be done for those living in older properties that require a little help. Insulating your home is something that will not only help keep it warmer for longer, and help the drain on the environmental side of things, but also reduce the cost of your energy bills. Here we have put together a list of ten home insulation ideas, ideal for helping you retain the heat in your home.

Home Insulation Ideas:

1 – Install Double Glazing

If you have not done so already, installing or updating your double glazing is a sure way to better insulate your home. UK double glazing companies often have deals that make new windows much more affordable that you may initially have thought, and the actual double glazing cost can be reaped through future cheaper energy bills. Whether it be doors or windows, or both, double glazing companies will be able to guide you on their high performing glazing. However, do not forget to check out double glazing prices from a range of suppliers – we have all the information on site required for choosing from the best UK double glazing companies.

2 – Prevent Door and Window Drafts

While you should always maintain a healthy level of ventilation, as well as ensure emergency exits are clear and accessible, much can be done to insulate the home through preventing door and window drafts. In terms of doors, this can be done both cheaply and effectively with the use of either an old-fashioned fabric draft excluder, or a flap that attaches to the bottom of the door. If you are losing heat through the side of the door, then a door curtain could be an effective quick fix for you.

3 – Use Curtain Lining

While on the topic of using curtains, lining curtains can make a massive difference to the home retaining heat. Many homeowners prefer blinds, and have curtains either for pure decoration (they never close them) or not at all. This may be enough when state of the art double glazing is fitted and the windows are insulation enough, however if you fear you are losing heat through your windows, try lining your curtains, and closing them in winter, and you will be sure to notice a difference. Opt for proper thick curtain lining, or a DIY approach is to stitch in fleece blankets as a backing.

4 – Prevent Drafts through the Floorboards

While stripped back flooring may be fashionable, an optimum amount of heat is lost through bare floorboards, resulting in a drafts and cold home. This can be counteracted somewhat through putting draft tape where needed underneath, such as between the boards, however it is not as efficient as actually laying flooring insulation (see below). Other DIY insulation ideas when it comes to preventing drafts through the flooring are rugs, or if poor flooring is causing many draft problems, consider underlay, and a carpet.

5 – Lay Floor Insulation

Having professional’s lay floor insulation is something to consider for insulating your home. This can be achieved through either raising your flooring, or (depending on pipework) installing insulation underneath the floorboards if the structure of your home allows.

6 – Get Loft Installation

Loft insulation can save a large amount of heat from escaping from you home – heat rises after all. Through installing insulation material to the boards and the rafters, a great difference can be made to how your home retains the heat.

7 – Get External Wall Insulation

This is otherwise known as Cavity Wall Insulation, and despite being a relatively expensive option, it is a popular choice for many homes. This is largely due to government schemes and readily available grants being offered for such work. This is only applicable where the walls have cavities however, and solid external walls cannot be treated in the same way. For example – houses that were built before the 1930’s were built with solid walls, and no cavities.

8 – Get Internal Wall Insulation

Internal Wall Insulation is a form of insulation that treats the internal walls of a property. The internal walls that the insulation is applied to are the inside of outside walls, and anyone considering installing new radiators, kitchen or bathroom suites should consider doing this at the same time. This can be carried out in a DIY capacity, but only by someone who understands the process and is able to deliver a finished job.  It can be done is quite a simple manner, through using a pre-treated insulated plasterboard. An alternative method to this type of internal wall insulation, is to use a soft insulation material inside a structural framework. This usually requires a professional.

9 – Wrap Your Hot Water Tank

You can also save money when it comes to energy bills by putting a specialised jacked on your hot water tank. By covering the hot water tank securely with an 80mm type jacket, up to 75% heat loss can be prevented, and it has been said that the fuel bill will reflect this in as little as 6 months. This will keep your water hotter for longer, and not require you to re-heat it so often.

10 – Deflect Heat

Deflecting heat through putting foil behind a radiator is an easy and inexpensive way of helping the home retain heat, especially when a radiator is on an outside wall. Specifically designed radiator deflectors can be purchased inexpensively, or there is an option to cover a piece of card in thick foil and place it behind the radiator in the same way. This will stop heat from the radiator being lost through the wall, deflecting it back into the room. Give it a try!

Undoubtedly, one of the main benefits of double glazing is better home insulation. Use our site to find the best double glazing companies, and double glazing prices, and see the possibility of installing new energy efficient windows in your home.

Conservatory Suppliers

Top 5 Conservatory Suppliers

Getting a conservatory built is a great consideration, and one what should not be taken lightly. When it comes to choosing a conservatory supplier, it is recommended that you do your research into the reputation of the company, as well as pricing. Even if you know what conservatory suppliers you are going to choose to purchase with, it is always a good idea to get around three quotes from a variety of companies, just to make sure that you are paying in the right ballpark. Quotations for the same product have been known to vary by thousands of pounds, so this will also give you some advantage if you wish to negotiate on price.

When getting a conservatory added to your home, you have the option of ordering directly from a conservatory supplier and erecting it yourself (or having a local builder do so), or going with a specialist conservatory company who will both provide and fit the conservatory. There are pros and cons to both, and it all depends on circumstance and the job in hand. A local builder with a good reputation will have other skills in addition to putting up a conservatory, and can help with customization of the build, as well as perhaps any interior work such as flooring or carpentry. Either way, safety certificates, planning permission, and guarantees should all be obtained and provided.

Here, we have put together a list of the top 5 conservatory suppliers in the UK:



UltraFrame are conservatory specialists and are considered a world leader when it comes to conservatory manufacture and design. Established in the 1980s, UltraFrame have been serving the UK for over 30 years, providing high-end conservatory and roofing solutions to over 1.5 million homes. They can cater to a variety of tastes and constraints, whether you are looking for something a little bit different, or require a solution to a difficultly shaped building.  They are also fully equipped to deal with planning permissions, and any other certification you may require. Ultraframe have an extensive range of double glazing and conservatory solutions, be sure to check out more information on their website.


Anglian supply double glazing products, including conservatories, manufactured here in Great Britain. With the exception of Ireland, they supply conservatories within the UK, and have an excellent reputation for high quality windows, doors and conservatories. Anglian are an established company who are well known for their double glazing products. Buying a conservatory from Anglian will ensure that you are supplied with a high-quality conservatory that will be fitted by experts. They often have conservatory price deals on too, and so it is always worth enquiring for a quote and to see if there are current offers available.


Everest have been serving the UK in terms of double glazing for over 50 years, and they remain firmly one of the nation’s favourites. With conservatories amongst the products that they offer, many people opt to get their conservatory from Everest. Everest offer a wide range of double glazed windows, doors and conservatories, all with top energy ratings of A and B. Whether the conservatory you are looking for is in UPVC or timber, they have a wide range on offer. Everest conservatory prices are competitive and they come with long-term guarantees too.  As a long serving UK double glazing company, Everest have vast experience in supplying and fitting conservatories all over the UK. If you would like to know more about Everest conservatory prices, be sure to apply for a quotation via their website.

Safestyle UK

Safestyle are a market leader in UK double glazing, and this includes conservatories of various kinds too. This successful company have expanded across the UK, and increased in popularity at the same time, making them a go-to company for conservatories. Whether you are looking for the best conservatory deals, or conservatory advice, check out the Safestyle UK website.


Weatherseal are one of the leading suppliers of conservatories in the UK. In addition to high quality conservatories and double glazing, their customer service comes highly regarded. If you are looking for conservatory quotes and best prices, visit the Weatherseal website and see what they have on offer.

While we have listed our top five conservatory suppliers in the UK here, there are hundreds of established conservatory suppliers across the country you can choose to work with. When you are looking for the best conservatory deals, be sure to get some quotes from local firms as well as the larger national companies.

If you do decide to go with a local builder, you have the option of ordering a conservatory yourself from a supplier and allowing them to fit it, or looking at the brochures they may have from their recommended suppliers. If you do choose to get a conservatory from or fitted by a smaller local firm, be sure to check out their credentials in advance. They should have the necessary insurance, as well as associated building standards certificates.  Speak with some of their previous clients, and check out some of their previous work. You can also check out their online reputation to get an all-round impression of the standard of their business and workmanship.

Even if you decide to get a conservatory from a large nationwide double glazing company, it is still worth getting a few quotes from different conservatory companies to ensure that you are getting the best price.